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    How to block the IP address of copy-cat blogger from accessing my blog?

    Hello members,

    Some cheaters copied my articles and post those on their blogs. I have contacted to Google regarding this matter, but no action has been taken till now! I want to block the IP addresses of computers used by those cheater blog-owners. Is it possible? I want to stop such fraudulent activities in any cost. Please give some valuable suggestions.
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    Please don't get concerned about your copied article. Continue your work and grab more visitors instead of finding copy-cats. Google algorithm automatically rank the copy-cats lesser. Every day Google will receive more than lakhs of complaint regarding copy-cat and they can't handle them all. Those copy-cat won't affect your visitors.

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    I think you don't have any experience about it. When someone searches on google, the copied articles of those blogs appear on google search engines instead of my original articles. As a result my blog's traffic has been affected. Anyway thanks for your suggestion.
    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

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    How much time has it been since you filed the complaint with Google? They always take action against proper complaints though sometimes it might take even a week. There is no logic is going too technical in blocking their IP, it is not much difficult to make use of proxies to access your website if one wants to. Continue to file individual complaints against individual posts and sooner or later Google will deindex their whole blog.

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    You can insert the relevant html code in your blog setting to disable copy option by someone from your blog ('right click disabling' or 'highlight and copying'). You can also send DMCA.

    For more detail, check the following links.


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    Thanks Ankit. I have filled a new complaint 2 days ago citing with proper reason.

    Hello Hafeezur, I have already placed 'disable of copying text' code on my blog. But still that cheater copies continuously. How to stop it now?

    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

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    Dear members,

    Can you please clear my doubt? When copy-cat blogger copies my article from my blog and post that on his blog that means the originally produced-article has been published first and after that copy-cat blogger's content. Then how the cheater's content gets better rank than me in Google Search Engine? How is it possible? I knew that Google Search Engine's Algorithm was very smart (although it is a robot). But I realize now that I was wrong!

    Please do reply Hafeezur Rahman and Ankit.

    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

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    I have given two links above to go through and take necessary and relevant step, 1. File DMCA and/or 2. Right click disable (for long article).

    The one who copy your blog/article seems smarter for latest SEO tricks and adding some content or paragraph to look as original and a different one by spending additional time. However, Google Algo is very smart and will find it definitely sooner or later. Since it is blog, they give last preference than normal domain like

    However, keep on filing DMCA for such issue. We do the same.


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    Techulator admins were in the same misconception and used to leave those who copy pasted content from here. The result was lost of traffic and after that mass DMCA's were filed with Google after which TEC recovered back.

    Google's algo is actually not that smart and you need to stay alert against copy paste blogs and take action against them.

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