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    How to close running programs faster in Windows Xp and Vista?

    This problem occurs with many Windows users It cannot end a running task
    when shutting down, so what is the best solution for it?
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    One of the option without using any third party software to close all windows is using Task manager.
    1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time.
    2. From the Applications tab, select all the application by click left mouse of the button and dragging it over all the applications.
    3. Then click 'End Task'

    Also, there are many utilities available on net for this purpose. I personally prefer CloseAll (NTWind Software).
    It does not require any installation and the folder just needs to be extracted on your system.

    Download link: CloseAll.exe

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    Hi Sameena,

    I don't think that selecting all the application and end task them will increase the speed because on the other hand if you see the Processes section then you note that some application are running. But at the front end there are not running. That means those application are taking the memory allocation in CPU. So, try to end task them.

    But there will be a application running called SVchost.exe,explorer.exe, system, system idle process, smss.exe, winlogon, services.exe. Just don't end task these exe's otherwise your system will shutdown.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Hi Prashanth,
    Ending all the processes may cause some problems at a time. There are some processes running in background that might be required by the operating system. Again, individually selecting each process to kill is not feasible when you have 20 programs running at a time. Also when a process is killed, it will kill all the programs spawned in that process and not just the program you intend to kill alone.
    Yes in case you want to close a particular program that has been running and which cannot be closed by windows, then killing a process is more feasible.

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    Task manager is one way to kill the process. You can use the command prompt also to kill the process; you can even check the process and kill the process.

    To see all the running program from the command prompt type tasklist from command prompt.

    Use the following command to find processes that are not responding.

    tasklist /fi "status eq not responding"

    To kill the process name use the processname or process id to kill the particular process

    tskill processname
    tskill processid

    To kill the entire task that is not responding then use

    taskkill /f /fi "status eq not responding"

    By chance if you kill the system process from taksmanager, it will automatically shut down your computer.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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