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    Use proper spacing between paragraphs and heading in your posts

    When you post content in any sections of MWC, please use proper spacing between paragraphs and headings. It may be difficult for you to figure out how to adjust the spacing correctly. After few trial and error, you will get the trick and then it will naturally work out for you without any additional efforts.


    1. Add one and only one blank line between headings and paragraphs. Take a look below and above this paragraph.

    2. You never have to use <BR>, tag anywhere in the posts in this site. The blank lines you add to the content area will be automatically converted to <BR>

    3. All heading tags like <H1>, <H2>, <H3> and <H4> tags will automatically add a blank line to it. So, if you have a heading tag, then you do not need to add a blank line below it since it will be automatically added.

    4. Always start the content in the leftmost part of the typing area. Do not start the line by pushing the text to the right a bit by adding some blank space in the beginning of the test.

    5. Do not add blank lines in the end of the resource.
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    Hi Tony Sir,

    Thanks for the valuable guidance to the members and I am definitely going to follow these in my resources and other posts.

    I have some more questions in my mind. If I can make the fonts of my posts coloured or not.

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    Dear Tony,

    Its really a good information. thanks for sharing this information with all the users of this website. All the users will be beneficial with this information.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Thanking you for telling about the importance of spacing. One Request, Please post these SEO Guidelines to Google Group also. So, that it will be sent to everyone and they will learn more and it will work for all spider websites.

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