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    Use proper summary for your resources

    When posting resources, many members are either leaving the summary field blank or simply copy pasting the title itself as summary. This is not allowed. The summary field is very important for search engine optimization.

    The most important aspects for search engine optimization is the title and the summary. i will cover the importance of title in another post.

    The summary field is significant because that appear directly in the search results page in Google and other search engines.

    Take a look at the below image which is a Google search result page:

    In the image, you can see that under the title, a short summary is displayed (which is marked in a red box).

    If you provide a good summary in your resource, that summary will appear in the Google result page. If there is no proper summary, then Google will randomly pick some portion of text and display it there, which may or may not be interesting for the viewers. If the summary is not relevant or important, people may not bother to click on that result and may move on to some other results, by losing a visitor to our resource.

    So, provide a good summary for all of your resources.

    * The summary should be atleast 2 sentences (3 is ideal).

    * The summary should be complete by itself and should not be continuation of title. If you copy the summary and send to someone in an email, they should be able to understand what is it all about.

    * Summary should be complete sentences and not some phrases.

    * Summary can be something like this:

    In this article, I will explain ...... Also, I have mentioned about (topic1, topics 2, topic3 etc)

    Example 1:
    Let us take the resource "How to disable Aero in Windows 7" as an example. A good summary can be like this:
    In this article, I will explain how to disable Aero in Windows 7. 
    Even though it is a great feature, sometimes you may want to disable it
    for performance reasons".

    Example 2:
    Article title: Which is the best Antivirus?

    In this article, I will explain some of the best antivirus 
    software available in the market. Antivirus is very important to keep
    your Windows PC safe from malware.

    In most cases, you can start the summary with the words "In this article, I will explain ...."

    Some notes:

    * Do not write everything in capital letters.

    * Use proper grammar and spelling.

    * Do not use few comma separated words as the summary. Summary should be meaningful and complete sentences.
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    Dear tony,

    Thanks for such an important information regarding summary in resources. I had updated the summary in my resources. Thanks for giving this important information.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Summary of title is always taken as description about the posts in Google and all other sites as well like social bookmarking website. So, We must write good summary of the post.

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    Thank for giving such nice explanation .I will take care of your suggestions in future .

    Krishna Verma

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    Hi Tony,

    Very useful information posted on Summary. Many of us including me do not know the actual importance of few things like this, though we are playing an active role here.

    Information like this helps us in making our resources more presentable and capable of achieving more earnings.

    The example quoted along with the information helps in making the topic even more clear.

    Thanks again.


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    Hi Tony sir,

    I think this is a worthy note that the contributors needed. I think I will be now a bit stricter on this issue.

    Members, kindly take this in consideration and kindly keep your summaries keyword enriched and qualitative. Otherwise, you might not get what you deserve, had the summary been great.


    Thank you
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