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    Information about the Techulator

    I joined this site but I find it very difficult to understand. I find this site totally related to technology. Before joining this site I was the member of

    IndiaStudyChannel site. This site is related to all type of subjects. In this site a person who knows English can join it but in Techulator a member can join it who has the knowledge related to technology.

    I think I have little knowledge about new technology but I have eagerness to learn new technology. So I will go further on this site by the knowledge of his site posted by other members. So I want to know all about this site.

    There are many sections of this site. What is the description of these sections? Please give the short description.
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    I also started my journey from ISC. But its quite struggling for me in that websites. So one day I noticed about ISC sister sites and joined Techulator. It was great turning point in my life. When I joined in this website I wasnt a tech expert. I dont even know about the Android version. But after joining in this website I learned a lot. This website is really helpful for experts and newbies. So I think you can perform impressively in this website.
    Now we can come to the point. Techulator is having different sections such as Technological articles, Ask experts section, Product Reviews section, Forum etc. In these article section will give you more cash credits as well as points just like ISC does. In article section you can write about new smartphone releases, its review, comparison, new tablets, laptops, or any other technology related products and its details. You can write articles about online shopping websites, its deals, or any other topic which came under technology. If you have any query regarding the topic you can ask for support from the Webmaster. You can also participate in different contests introduced by Webmaster and editors. Next is the Ask experts section. This section is also very helpful to gain knowledge as well as money. You can either post you question or you can answer for other question. You will get paid highly for your answers based on the content. If you are posting question you will get two rupees instantly and you will get 98 rupees once your question gains thousand page views. Now the product reviews section. Now this section is limited to some members and you have to get permission from the webmaster for posting in this section. You can apply for this post once you shown your capabilites in this website. Forum section is for normal usages. If you have any question please feel free to contact. Good luck.

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    According to me it is a great advice given to me by you. It will show my path and guide me on this technological site that is known as

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    Hello Ms.Ekta,

    I appreciate your efforts and willingness to know more about website.

    The working of ISC and TEC is very similar up front. Members get cash credits and points for the content contribution in this website, provided the contents are original. Those members who have an approved adsense account associated with Techulator, they also get Adsense revenue share for their contents submitted here.

    The main and major difference between ISC and TEC is that, ISC is a mainly aimed at educational and general content where as is exclusively for topics related to technology. Here the wide term technology is used collectively for terms such as, IT, electronics, smartphones, gadgets and automobiles.

    Any member can post the queries in forum. For resource section, member needs to get approval for the topic. For Ask Expert section and Product review section new members need to seek permission from webmaster.

    Namita Terse

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    Thank you Namita Terse for your detailed information on ISC and Techulator site. I have got a great advantage from it.

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    May I know how to get Adsense revenue from the article? Because for creating an account with Google Adsense you need to give a website address, but in this case I cannot mention Techulator. So how do I proceed?

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