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    Can tablet or ipad replace laptop?
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    I think the tablets still has not evolved to such a stage that they can replace a laptop. Yes, they are eating up the Laptop's share to some extent. But it will still take to get more productivity out of tablet like the laptop does. Tablets do offer good productivity features, connectivity features, portability, touch screen and good battery life. But still they lack some essential features of a Laptop. Reasons I think for the statement - Tablets are still not a perfect replacement for a laptop:-

    1.Tablets come with very low storage capacities when compared to a Laptop. It would cost around Rs.55, 000 (approximately) for an iPad 128 GB version. But you could get 1 TB of storage in a laptop for a price much lesser than that.

    2.Screen size is also the area where the tablets fail to replace the Laptop. Laptops provide more real estate for you to work on when compared to the tablets.

    3.Tablets carry security issues with them. They are not as secured as the Laptops and Desktops.

    4.App availability is another area. iPad has its refined ecosystem of apps but they do not always offer the productivity offered by the pc software on a Laptop.

    5.The mobile operating systems like iOS and Android may be the leaders in the mobile market. But they are not evolved like the Desktop Operating Systems like Windows and Mac OS.

    6.Tablets do not provide those extra ports and drives the laptops offer. Laptops offer disk drives and more USB ports than a tablet.

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    According to me tablets and ipad cannot take the place of laptop. It is certain that tablets and ipad are as useful as our laptop But they are different from laptops. They cannot do the work that the laptop does.

    Tablets and ipads are easy to take from one place to another but as for as the working quality is concerned laptop is the best.

    In our ipds we can do some little work on internet on on its screen. on tablet also the quantity of work is the same but on our tablets we can do a large amount of work.

    So it is clear that tablets and ipads can never take the place of laptops.

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    Laptop out perform tablets and ipads on several fronts. Here are some of the issues where laptops are better than tablets and ipads:

    Processor speed and capacity : : Processor Speed and capacity in laptop is far better than tablets/iPads, as a result when put to complex task tablets/iPads may face heating problem and sometimes eventually they hang due to processing capacity and over-heating.

    Operating system : OS for laptops and desktops are more robust as compared to OS for tablets and iPads. For example, Windows 8 OS will have more strong system software packages than Windows Phone 8 OS.

    software packages (Application/Apps) : The specific business purpose applications are more effective on laptop. You cannot have full version of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Flash or 3D Max running smoothly on your Tablet/iPad without heating or hanging.

    Storage Capacity : Storage capacity of tablets or ipads may be extended upto 32GB/64GB/128GB depending on the make. But in laptop u can easily attach and access 1 TB hard disk drive.

    Security : Internet security softwares for laptop/desktops are more developed than security apps for tablets/iPads.

    Drives and ports : You can have CD DVD read/write drives in laptops. But in Tabs and ipads it is not possible. Also, many ports such as USB 3.0 can be directly accessed on laptops. But you need to use USB features on Tabs and ipads via USB cables or data cables or data connectors.

    I think, tablets and iPads have a long way to go till they reach a stage where they can replace laptop completely.

    Namita Terse

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