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    I have request to help


    I am a student. I don't have a computer. not even a smartphone. I have only an ordinary phone. I don't have much time to spend to use mobile. If you give any subject like gadget review, I will study about it and write.
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    Welcome to and thank you for showing interest in participating in the revenue opportunities with us.

    Unfortunately, writing articles and doing product reviews require a lot of focus and attention. I am afraid it may not be suitable for you at this time, considering that you are a student and don't have access to proper infrastructure like computer. I suggest you focus on your studies. May be in future, after you are done with your studies and you get a job, you can buy a computer and spend quality time for writing articles.

    Meanwhile, when you get free time, you may try to use your college computers and learn more about SEO and other technology topics, which may help you become a good author in future.

    I wish you all the best with your studies.

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    Hello member
    This is a technical website where you can get technical question and answer. in this website their are many section where you can get information according to your question. If you feel any problem then you can ask question in forum question related to the website. Some technical question will you asked in Ask expert section.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    thanks all who replied for this article.

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    Hello Member

    Please concentrate on the Sir Tony John, He is telling you please give a proper time on your studies. It would be the better your future. So don't waste your time on the website. Whenever you reached on the top level then you can also try the website.

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    I thin as you said that you are a student and you are studying in a college. So it is your first duty to study well. After it you should do all other extra work.

    As you said that you do not have a computer, so it will be very hard to you to connect to internet. So it is necessary to you to buy a computer to connect to this site.

    So at first you should give your full attention on your studies and on your job and on getting some money from your job. After it you can buy a computer and you will be able to connect this site.

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    As a student, the first thing you aught to do is, decide your priorities. is not a get rich scheme neither it will provide ou a full time earning opportunity. Here, all members share their technical knowledge and expertise with others and gain recognition in terms of points and cash credits. If you are looking out for serious income from then you need to do in depth research on electronics products and latest technologies to be able to write quality articles and product reviews. In such case, you can also expect, good second income through Techulator and Google Adsense.

    But, due to lack of infrastructure and time you have to alter your thinking for the time. Its my advice, that you first concentrate on the studies which will help you to secure a promising career. After that, you can consider Techulator as a source of second income as well as knowledge sharing.

    Till then, you can share information about in your friend circle and also gain knowledge from reading techulator articles in free time from collage computers.

    Namita Terse

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    I am here to support you by telling you about my infrastructure and resources. I am also a techulator user like you. I dont have a computer, laptop, tablet pc, or a smartphone. I have only an ordinary mobile phone Nokia 2700 classic. If you take a look in to my profile you can see that I am standing 35 in ranking (as I was not active for more than two months) and earned more than Rs. 3500, and gained access in Product Reviews section, which is only available for few members in Techulator. In my opinion this is not about infrastructure this is about how you utilize your capabilities and availabilities. Now I started a blog in blogger. Normally blog can be only managed through computers/laptops. But with my resources I have managed it from my mobile and trying to make it no:1. I downloaded different types of browsers like opera mini, UC browser and its different versions etc for its development. Some times I went to my nearest cafe for doing further construction. So dont think negative about what you have. Think how to utilize your resources. Good luck.
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