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    Cursor jumping around

    No matter where or which site I am cursor jumps constantly....and I type so fast...and do not look while typing...that I cannot believe the mistakes I make! Found ways ...for help on Windows7 and Vista...but not for Win8. Other problem I am having...that I can't find out how to do...that I used to know how to do...before system restore? I downloaded things...that said I would then be able to do it...but I still cannot find to do it.

    Thank you very much!

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    Are you using a laptop? If yes, try to change your track pad sensitivity because your thumb might be going too close to your track pad. Its better to disable track pad when you connect an external mouse . If the problem still exist, its better to update drivers from manufacturer in mouse settings.Try to post such issues in Ask Expert Section so that you can get better responses.

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    Thank you very much Ravi ...I am using a laptop yes...

    I do not have an external mouse...have the internal mouse pad. And update drivers...ok...I'll check into that..!

    And again... thank you so much Ravi...for your response!! And I'll do as you noted...if I need to re-post!!

    Have a great day!!!

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    I guess its happening after installation of some sort of programs that you have done knowingly or you may have not known about it and was installed as a spam behind any program. The same was case with my cousin's laptop. I formatted my cousin's laptop and the problem was solved. Do try it, could be helpful to you also. But please make backup of your important data before doing so. And after formatting please install a good antivirus, update it and do a full system scan. I would also suggest you not to open any partition except the partition where you have installed the operating system without doing a full system scan with the antivirus program. Hope this helps you too..

    Source: Personal experience

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    Morning Ravi...and once again...thank you for your help here! And you know? I many...maybe it's something I downloaded. I'll be honest here...I'm not to good on a computer...infact...I do not know how to formatt it... but my Son does...and he doesn't live with me...but going to have him look at this ...hopefully soon! Question about the anti virus...I do not have one on my laptop...and I really don't do much...on here...but are you comfortable with AVG? My Son doesn't care for wonder what you though? My son doesn't like any anti virus that I know again!!

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    You are welcome dear..
    AVG is one of the top free antivirus available out there. Another famous brand is Avast and there are much more that are available as a free and paid software. You can download any of these and trust me no antivirus is bad at all unless its a fake or not a trusted brand. So just check their rating, look and feel and install the one that suits you and you feel yourself comfortable with. After all you are the one who is gonna use the system. And remember to make sure they get their database updated on a regular basis and do a scan often..

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