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    How to earn money by creating a blog?

    Hello to all my friends I have opened a new blog known as gamez mania and I have posted many articles regarding many latest games and they are fantastic and I have added images also in those articles regarding the selected game. And there are many view in my article but there is no money at all. So please inform me that how I can earn money in those blog and please also inform that for getting money we have to get an account open in the bank please also provide all the necessity that we need for earning money by creating a blog.
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    Making money from blogs is not an easy thing. You will have to learn a lot of stuff about blogging, seo and building traffic. It may take few years before you start earning some decent revenue.

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    Other than the above advice, you have to get approved account from some online ads site like Kontera, Chitika, Infolinks, or affiliate marketing site like Amazon, Flipkart etc. and insert those code in your blog to show their ads on your blog. However, it is not an easy to earn money through online ads unless continuous quality contribution which can fetch reasonable traffic and valid clicks from them.

    You have to go through many articles from this site related to your query then you will learn many things about it.


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    Thanks for giving the above advice I thinks this might help me.

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    I agree with Tony that earning from a blog is very difficult, but its not impossible either.
    There are many ways to monetize the blog.
    1. Advertising networks
    Once you have substantial content on your blog, you can register to some advertising networks like Google Adsense, Kontera, Infolinks, etc. and then show advertises of these networks on your blog.

    2. Affiliate Networks
    You can affiliate to some affiliate networks like Amazon, ebay, flipkart,etc. If your blog is travel related then expedia,etc. and show their ads on your blog. If users buy any of their products by clicking on their advertising from your blog, then you will earn some cut.

    3. Your own ad space
    You can sell ad space on your blog to advertisers directly.

    These are some of the ways for earning from the blog. However, earning depends on number of visitors, page views on your blog and it is a bit difficult to attract so much of traffic from a single blog. So, if you are determined enough to make it big and work with proper discipline, you can earn handsome amounts from blogs.

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    Well, earning money from blogging is not an easy task these days. It requires lots of efforts, luck and patience. One of my friend is running a blog from last 6 months and she s having zero income from that. According to her - she is waiting for the right time to start earning from that blog.

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    Google adsense is the best choice for you, but you have to select the title and subject of your blog carefully to attract visitors. As you know you can link your adsense account to site as to increase your revenue.

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    Before starting to earn from your blog you need to ensure that you have enough traffic:
    Following are the best ways to earn from a blog:
    Google adsense:(Work on cpc basis):-Hard to approve
    Buysellads:(Direct advertisers):Also Hard to approve
    Infolinks:(Link intext ads cpc based):Easy
    Affiliate like Amazon:depends upon sales

    There are number of ways but I have listed the best ones.

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    First, remember one thing that earning money from blogging is not so easy, you have to do a lot hard work, give some time to it. There are some ways to earn like you can earn from adsense, adwords. And there are many paid reviews websites out there like techulator which gives some money for reviewing products and other things. And after some time when you become an experience blogger than other bloggers or companies may hire you for writing content for them.

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    To earn money by creating a blog is very hard indeed. There are a lot of people who have this desire but it required hard work and patience in your work.
  • It is not an easy task: To earn money from a blog is not an easy task. There should have some good quality contents in it. The contents should be unique.
  • Hard work needed for it: To earn money from a blog required hard work. An easy work on a blog will give you no income.
  • Enough time required in it: To earn money from a blog required a lot of time from you to spend on your blog. It will make your blog attractive and active daily.
  • Knowledge of blogging, seo and building traffic: If you want to earn money from a blog you should have proper knowledge of blogging, seo and building traffic. It will make your blog unique.
  • Luck and patience: Luck and patience also play role in earning money from a blog. You should have enough patience for seeing your result of work.
  • Google Adsense: You can earn money from your blog by Google Adsense program. You should have to approve your application from Google.
  • Affiliate program: You can earn money from your blog by Affiliate program.
    I think the above are some ways to earn money from a blog.

    Ekta Raikwar

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    Try applying for AdSense and other affiliate programs like Kontera advertising. It is by them you can make money. And I infer that your blog contains quality content, attractive many organic visitors/pm and has a custom domain i.e. a .com domain.

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