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    Article contest - Password Manager

    We are starting a new article contest this week. Here is the topic:

    "Password Manager App/Software/Service review"

    You may write articles and reviews on the above topic and post in our resources section. You can post the articles in the Security Tools category.


    1. Articles should be related to the topic given above.
    2. You must post a response below with the topic you are planning to write, so that we can avoid duplicate topics. Once you publish the review, you must respond here with the url of the article so that we can review it.
    3. Last date to submit entry is 30 August 2013.

    If the product you are reviewing is not in our Products list, you can add it first in the products section. If you don't have permission to post there, let us know. You will be paid separate cash/points for adding product entries in the products section.

    Please use the product/service yourself and write articles with screenshots. Don't jsut write very generic statements, instead, write from your personal experience. Also, read a couple of other reviews on the web about the same product to make sure you did not miss any important points.

    Here is a sample review I wrote about Intuitive Password solution.

    You may post more than 1 entry.

    Some sample topics/examples of Password Manager software/services are:

    Top 10 Password Manager Apps
    Top 10 Cloud based Password Managers
    Best and secured online Password Managers
    Online password managers or offline password managers - which are safe?
    Is it safe to use password manager software?
    Is it safe to use cloud based password managers?

    Safe In Cloud Password Manager
    Safe In Cloud Password Manager

    Click here to start preparing your article.
  • #17110
    Comparison between RoboForm everywhere, Sticky password and Kaspersky Password manager

  • #17118
    I will write on my1login.

  • #17123
    Will write on the following topics:

    1. SplashID Safe for Windows
    2. Roboform
    3. KeePass

    Thanks and Regards,

  • #17128
    Here is my entry for contest
    Review of my1login, a cloud-based password manager

    my1login is not there in the product list and I need permission to post there.

  • #17129
    I will write a review of Dashlane1.1 password manager.

  • #17140
    My entry for this contest

    Thank You
    Ankit Garg

  • #17170
    Here is my entry for contest
    Dashlane 1.1: A robust password manager for mobile phones & desktops

    Dashlane 1.1 is not there in the product list and I need permission to post there.

  • #17176
    HighCrypt Password Manager
    My second topic for this contest.

  • #17177
    My 2nd entry for this contest.

    Ankit Garg

  • #17242
    Here are my entries:

    1. SplashID Safe 7.0 for Windows: Reliable password manager online and offline for Cloud Computing

    2. RoboForm Password Management Review: Best data manager program for PC and smartphones

    3. KeePass Password Manager: Reviews, Features and recommendations for your PC

    Thanks and Regards,

  • #17293

    I'll be writing on ""Top 5 Password Managers for Windows 8 - A Complete Guide to Password Managers"

    Thank you
    Quote: The most dangerous person in this world is one who knows his strength but does not know how to terminate it if applied.

  • #17393
    When the result is going to be announced for this contest.

  • #17395
    @ankit garg, thanks for enquiry, we will announce result soon.

  • #17396
    The link of my article is provided below:-

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