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    Resources on product specs

    Dear members,

    We have been posting a lot of resources about gadgets/products in our resources section. Going forward, we are making some changes. All product spec based articles should be posted in the products section only. You may post detailed reviews in the resources section but simple spec based articles should be posted only in the products section.

    Each gadget/device can be posted only once. So, it is important to check if the product is already posted. Duplicate posts will be deleted. Also, if 2 members post about the same time, the better quality post will be accepted and other one will deleted.

    Only members with very good English are allowed to post products. If you have excellent English and do not have posting rights in the products section, please post a request below and we will consider giving posting rights for you.

    Articles written on gadgets may earn relatively low cash credits due to the short life of such articles and lack of unique information contained in them.
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    Thank you Mr Tony for circulating the valuable information through this thread and I am sure members will be cleared about any doubt related to this.

    Moreover it's a very good news for those who don't have article posting right, but having very good English writing skills. I hope more members will be seeking permission for posting rights.

    With Best Regards,


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    What should be the minimum length of content in the 'Description' field ?

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    I think product releases also should come under the same category as they are not detailed reviews. If I'm correct, I would like to be considered for posting product releases in that category. Also, such articles should be approved quickly than others.
    Waiting for your quick reply.

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    @ Tec Blogger,
    It depends upon you! But remember, writing description should reflect the uniqueness of a product. Otherwise it would be considered spam if a member repeats specs of a product in description field also!

    @ Ravi Kalanda,
    According to Tony sir, "what is the need for a product releases category when each of the products released can be added to the respective categories within the products section. As products section is dedicated for just listing of products and not to write detailed views on existing/upcoming products and rumours, submitting the details of upcoming products could be done in resources section."

    @ Tony sir,
    I'm very happy :)

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    Dear webmaster,
    I have submitted two resources with product specs in them. But, if they are not eligible for Resources section you should manually move them to Products as I have no permission to post in Products section.

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    @ Vikas Sharma,
    Products section has a quite different layout than articles section. So, moving a resource to products section is not possible. As you have submitted those resources before the coming-forth of this policy, they will not face rejection on this basis. But remember, their quality will decide their eligibility!

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    Thank you so much for announcing this opportunity for the members.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    Hello Tony Sir,

    I have been a member of Techulator for more than six months. I am a regular contributor in forum and ask expert section. I am very much eager to contribute in product review section. So I kindly request you to give me permission to post in 'Product review section'. I assure you that, I will contribute genuine and accurate product information.

    "Technology is today's need. Learn it as much as you can!"

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    Why no one reviews the posts?

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    Very useful information for the members who takes interest in it. As it requires good English, so members should be tended to improve their English. It will be good for members and this site.

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    What are the criteria to post Product Review other than English Language expertise? Member Rank or Member Level etc are considered???

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    Hello Tony Sir,

    I request you to give me posting rights in the Product reviews section.

    Have a nice day.

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    Hi Webmaster, Please give me permission to post products in this section!

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    I request you to give me posting rights in the Product reviews section.

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