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    WhatsApp is going to replace Wechat or not

    WhatsApp users are now able to send voice messages to others. The step taken by them will attract the WeChat users to use WhatsApp. And the news of video messaging and photo sharing is going to play a very vital role. So what are your views about this move by them and how it is going to affect other applications available in store.
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    Whatsapp recently introduced the Push to Talk feature to match with other popular apps like Wechat, Line etc. But wechat and line have other features like Stickers, Location based service to find friends etc. But despite these features Whatsapp continues to be at top due to its simple and easy to use user interface. With recently introduced Push to talk feature, it will furthur improve its user base.

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    Though WeChat become famous in short time but still Whatsapp is friendly as begun and it has lot of features, it updates time to time which keep continue to use by the users. There are few competitor for Whatsapp but this is unique, and WeChat too no less for youth.

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    Hi Ankit,

    I think WhatsApp took a very good step and added a voice chat feature in it. WeChat was getting popular in very small span, due to its voice messaging service. But I personally think that it was not that user friendly application comparatively WhatsApp. WhatsApp is very simple to understand and use. Using two messaging service is not worth. Even WhatsApp is giving better voice quality than WeChat.

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    There are lot of IM apps, the basic purpose which all of them does is to replace the good old SMS. Whatsapp is something which is best at it. I have been a Whatsapp user for almost two yrs but Wechat installed it gives stiff competition .
    One advantage that Whatsapp has over Wechat is that is has large user group worldwide, so most of your friends will be using Whatsapp, but that's not the case of Wechat as the app is still a month and half old. Wechat still has some neat tricks in the book which Whatsapp doesn't. And ha Whatsapp is not free like WeChat.
    One of my favorites being the voice chat. It's more like a walkie talkie style conversation and it's pretty fun. More than text messaging it actually replaces your regular phone calls.
    I haven't tested Wechat on WiFi yet but performance on 2G have been very impressive and messages get sent pretty quick. The only shortcoming is that it doesn't have that double tick system that Whatsapp has or the last time the contact is online.
    With all this being said, there's are some slight issue which will get fixed by the next update

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    Yes I have also listen this thing about we chat and whats app. Yes I think we chat is going to replace whats app I was also using first whats app and now I am using we chat because it contains many amazing feature which whats app is not having and now I am surprised that why I was using whats app from these many days and when we chat was present we chat use less data consumption than whats app and I thinks that we chat has low chances of getting spam in that and the working of whats app on the 2g has also been nice because it loads quickly than the whats app.

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    I have not used WeChat, but I have been using Whatsapp since a long. Whatsapp is actually a very fast and user friendly app. The voice chat option of whatsapp, which you are talking about, is very very user friendly.
    However, WeChat has been advertised in India very aggressively and should be able to amass substantial number of users in very short span.

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