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    Uneven processor core wear

    My phone uses a qualcomm snapdragon S4 pro processor which has 4 cores. There is a software setting that allows it to conserve power by disabling 2 cores to reduce performance when not needed. My worry is, does this lead to uneven wear of the processor cores?
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    Hello Abhilash.
    Your worries are unfounded. The processor cores wont wear out like the way you think it would.
    But if you want better control of your processor, you might have to use a CPU management software such as setCPU to overclock or underclock the frequencies as required.
    You need to be rooted to use this app.
    If you need any help in rooting or using the app, please let me know.


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    Thank you for your reply Mr. Shingore

    I'm not worried about the electronic components being worn out, because let's be honest, the CPU can outlive the mechanicals by a huge margin.
    My only concern is, modern devices don't have the robustness we used to get in devices from say, 10-15 years ago, Eg, Nokia 3310 vs Apple iPhones, hence i asked about the electronic wear associated with processors.

    BTW, since my phone is quite new, I don't plan on rooting it for atleast a year, so that I don't void the warranty.

    I had rooted my old phone before, to massive benefits, mostly performance and battery life gains, so thank you for your help, I shall consult you when I feel the need to. :)

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    That's what I meant; your worries are unfounded. Do not bother about the robustness of the processors compared to previous generation processors. Those processors couldn't handle 1/10th the load of modern day processors. And it is very rare for the processor to give up on you so easily.
    I have been an Android user with a rooted phone and now an iOs user on a jailbroken phone. But I try to keep away from playing with the CPU too much.
    But one feature that has helped me a lot is CPU profiles. Do try that when you root.

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    Once again, thank you, I'll look into it first before trying it out. I nearly bricked a phone when i rooted it the first time.

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    Oh I understand how stressful that feeling can be!!

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    yeah, i managed to bring back the phone to life only because the bootloader was still working, and then i successfully managed to revive it using cyanogenmod, so now I'm still very scared of rooting phones via hardcore users method, ie, chip flashing and linux-command lines

    anyway, thank you for your concern, and there's one last question..
    does uneven loading of processor cores/threads affect performance?

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