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    Please review my Blog


    I have applied to adsense and got rejected. Their reason for rejection is not clear so please review my blog and let me know what are the changes i have to do in my blog. blog address is

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    Dear Ranadheer,
    Your blog is empty! Please follow some simple points and get your AdSense activated.

    1. First of all post quality content in your blog. Your blog is empty. Atleast one should have 30-50 unique articles in his/her blog to apply for AdSense.

    2. Don't do any kind of copy right violation. It means don't copy/paste any content from any source. While reviewing your blog, if Google Team find any copied content on your blog, REJECTED !!

    3. Wait for around 6 months before applying to AdSense program. Google has kept this time span for bloggers' benefits. In these months post quality articles on your blog as per your niche and then apply for AdSense program.

    4. After you did well at above mentioned points, apply for AdSense. After applying, don't change your blog address unless and until Google Team reviews your blog. If you changed your blog address at the climax, reviewers will not be able to find your blog.

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    HI Fazl,

    Sorry. The adress which is der in my question is mistyped by me. The correect url is Please review now.


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    Google is hardly approving Adsense accounts for Blogger blog. Even i tried for that many times :(

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    @ranadheer, I personally like your blog specially its template, very nice and simple template. My suggestion is that first provide a some more contents, more topics and try to get some traffic by posting your blog links to social networking sites and then apply for adsense program. After sometime they'll approve it.

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    Ranadheer, I think short posts is the only reason for disapproval of your AdSense proposal. So, make them long and useful to your readers.

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    Google is very strict in its rules. It does not bear any kind of violation in its rules. So before applying your adsense to approve from Google, you should check the following points:
  • Date of birth: Google approves any adsense account if the applicant is above 18 years age. So at first check your date of birth.
  • Attractive Profile: Google approves any adsense account if the profile of the applicant is perfect. It should have proper details of the applicant with recent photograph. So check your profile and recent photograph.
  • Six months time: Google approves any adsense account if the blog is six months old. So spend at least six months on your blog.
  • Good quality content: Your blog should have at least 30 to 50 good quality articles for approval your adsense account. The articles should be with proper length. The articles should be useful to the people.
  • Original Content: The content of your blog should be original. It should not be copied from other website. The content should be unique.

    So please check all the above points. Then try again but after six months later.

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