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    Got my 2nd Google Adsense Cheque today!

    Today I have received the 2nd cheque from Google Adsense which was issued on 26th June. This time receiving the cheque has taken lot of times than the first time. Anyway, I am very happy now.

    One thing I want to share here. On my 2nd cheque, the stamp of speed-post was there sent from Hyderabad. I think the bluedart didn't give any importance for my cheque and send back it to Hyderabad office. From there they send via speed-post. Really it's amazing! How can we believe Bluedart? Is only the problem that I live in a small village? Anyway feeling happy right now.
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    Keep it up, Good luck for your next cheque. Go get it soon! Wish you Happy earning ahead!

    "People says 143. I say 444 i.e. Love Your Life"

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    Many many congratulations for getting the 2nd cheque from Google Adsense.

    As I mentioned many times about the problem with Blue dart in various threads. There is always a problem with Blue dart especially in rural areas.

    Anyways, enjoy the moment and keep going ahead with many more cheques in the future. All the very best.

    With Best Regards,


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    Many more congratulations to get second cheque from Google. Go ahead to have many more from Google.

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    Glad after great difficulties with tracing of post and at last through with speed post. (Old is gold!)

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    Thanks to all members.

    @Kokil Kumar Sarma,

    You are right. How a cheque sent via Bluedart, have a speedpost stamp on it? Anyway, I am happy right now and want to forget the past after all got the cheque finally.


    Well said. Old is always gold, no doubt. But for the shake of Gold, why we always take the help of Old!

    Thanks again to everyone.

    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

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    Heartiest Congratulation on receiving your 2nd adsense cheque from google. Keep up the good work.

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    Congratulations! Man on getting your 2nd cheque from Adsense. keep continue your work.
    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    Thanks Zanib. Likely to get more cheques soon.
    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

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    Congratulation to you I think you might be very. Keep it up the hardwork and get more and more cheques. At last giving you a big congratulations from my heart.

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    Congratulations for getting your second cheque from Google Adsense.
    Keep working hard and you will receive more and more such cheques.

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    Thanks Himanshu and Shravan. Likely to receive more cheques from google.
    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

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    Congratulations for the second cheque. Do not worry about living in a small town or about Bluedart services.

    Keep up doing the good work, Google will make sure that your earnings are delivered to you via Bluedart or via Speedpost.

    Namita Terse

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    Thanks Namitaji.
    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

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    My respected member,

    It is a very happy moment for you to get a second Google Adsense Cheque for your work. It is really the result of your hard work and dedication. It is an inspiration for me.

    As I am a new member and I am learning from the experience of other members of this site, this information will be very useful and encouraging for me.

    Accept my heartiest congratulations on this happiest occasion. I wish the third cheque will come soon to you.

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    Thanks Ekta. Good luck.
    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

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    congratulation for your 2nd cheque. Just share your views how do you earn revenue, which topics you prefer, it will be beneficial for other members.

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    Yes, Sagar is right in this point that you should share your views on the topic that how you got this Adsense cheque from Google. What work did you do for it? These are some points that will help some other members. There are many members who want to get adsense cheque but are not able to do so. If you share your experience, they will get some inspiration from it and will be benefited in future.

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