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    What will do to protect your video copyright?

    I recorded a video by myself and want to upload on internet. However, I think the video copyright is important. What will you do to protect your video copyright?
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    Once you upload it on a blog or YouTube it becomes your copyright. In case it is copied by someone else without your permission you can ask the hosting provider to take down the video. Most hosting providers will consider your request if it is valid.

    In case of copying by an Youtube user you can contact the Copyright support of Youtube.

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    hi, thanks for reply. But, I can't check the video all the time that whether it's copied or not. Even I check it I still have no idea to make sure to let them take it off from their sites. Right?

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    Read about DMCA here

    It will clear all your doubts. A DMCA notice just needs to be mailed to the hosting provider or a member site like Hubpages, blogger or Wordpress. All blogging services have their own DMCA complain forms which you can search by using the teams "XYZ DMCA takedown" for example "Wordpress DMCA takedown".
    For Google here are the various options:

    You will have to keep any eye for copying. There is no way to make any video completely safe from being copied but there sure are ways to get them taken down once they are found.

    And if you don't mind the legal way, you can even sue people for copying your videos.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    The DMCA takedown is very useful. And your words are helpful. Thanks a lot. :)

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    If I were you, i will add text, image, logo, sign (include animated) to the video to ensure that viewers know I'm the owner. You can watch this video to see how to add watermarks to videos:

    You can also get free video watermarking software-Wonderfox Video Watermark though this promotion page:

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    Making videos can be hard work. There has to be a concept, filming it (often with lots of retakes), editing it, uploading it, and promoting it. Is it any wonder that we get so angry when they're stolen?

    There are plenty of people on YouTube that don't seem to have any problems with stealing a video and mirroring it on their own channel. Sometimes they give you credit, but more often than not, they don't. Even if they do though, it is YOUR content, and you have the right to have it taken down.

    If you come across a video that contains your content, you can report it via the copyright infringement notification tool. This is the tool you use when you are the owner of the copyrighted content. Be sure that it really is your content though, because falsely accusing someone of copyright infringement to get their video taken down can get you in a lot of trouble with YouTube.

    If you recognize that a video is being stolen from someone else you follow, you can also let YouTube know on their behalf by filing a copyright complaint. If you select the line that says "copyright infringement," you'll be given the option to select who is affected by it.

    If someone files a copyright complaint against you, you can appeal it. Before you do so though, watch your video and make sure that you didn't accidentally infringe on someone's copyright. If you did use another person's material, but you have permission, you will have to provide written proof of the permission in this process.

    The best way to protect your videos though, is to make them more difficult to steal. The easiest way to do this is with a watermark. Simply put, it's a unique symbol or word that you place in your video when you edit it. You can make it translucent so that it is not as in-your-face, but make sure it can be seen throughout the entire video. Think of how networks like NBC or CBS have their symbols in the corner of TV shows during the show.

    What the watermark does is definitively identify your video as yours. If someone does mirror, or steal, your video in the future, there won't be a question of who it belongs to. Most people that steal videos know this, so it makes your videos a less appealing target. As an added bonus, for those of us that have many types of videos because we can't seem to settle on just one type, it adds a bit of continuity, and makes it look that much more professional.
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    put a watermark on all your produced videos

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