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    All articles deleted !

    All my submitted articles to techulator have been deleted with the simple reason been given as 'low quality content'. Why were the articles accepted in the first place if they were going to be re-checked months later and be rejected anyway? This is grossly unfair. A major deterrent to submitting future articles to the site!
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    They were deleted because they were guest posts published without permission from the Webmasters and not because of low quality.

    Please go through the guidelines to better understand the reasons for deletion.

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    Having read the guidelines, I can surely say that I've stuck to all the regulations techulator has put up.

    I had put in a word to the editor in my first article clearly stating the link back would be for the site. I didn't know this permission would be required for every single article.

    If you can at least get me in touch with the Webmasters at Techulator, I'd consider the manner of the deletion to be civil. Instead you give a wrong reason and delete all the articles? Still think this is grossly unfair.

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    Dear Sunil
    Don`t mind It is a general matter. Because I often watch some member post low qualities in articles but after some practice, they post good articles. So I hope that next time your articles may be accept by webmaster

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    All articles were on topics that would not fetch much traffic for TEC. They are extremely generic topics whereas for we expect some unique articles for guest posting purposes which add value to TEC. All TEC articles fetch some traffic initially like your's but in long term they don't bring any reader. We have variants of your article already existing on TEC.

    Other than that the articles were not of 750 words

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    My apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.

    We very well understand the purpose of posting guest articles - they are meant to promote the linked websites. At the same time, we expect the articles to add some value to our website. From our experience, we have seen that in most cases, guest articles are well written to add any value to the host site and rather, they are just meant to get a backlink. That is the reason we recheck the guest articles a few weeks or months later to see how they perform in search engines. If those articles bring no traffic to us, we may delete them at a later point to keep our site safer in search engines.

    You can read our guest posting policies here:

    Here is some relevant text from the policies:

    "9. We reserve the rights to delete an article at a later stage, if it fails to add any value to our site and fail to fetch any organic traffic. We will re-check guest articles after few weeks to see how it performs in search engines and how much traffic it gets. If it fail to get any traffic, it may be deleted. Also, if we find that the article is negatively affecting our site, we may delete it."

    Typically, we do retain guest articles if they are well researched and bringing visitors to our site. Unfortunately, your articles do not bring any traffic and are not any unique topics, even though they are written well. Very generic topics will not bring any traffic and will not add any value to our site.

    If you think you can enhance the articles and make it more valuable for us, please let me know and we can discuss options.

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    I understand your site's policy on guest posts. However, wouldn't it be wiser to actually tell the author of the lack of traffic being generated rather than branding it low quality and deleting all articles. Why would I send in a well researched and intelligent article to a site which cannot even respect the author's other work ?

    Besides, if you do understand a thing or two about article ranking, you would know that any article doesn't go and sit on the top of the search the very same day that it is crawled. It takes a good couple of months before that happens. Deleting the article is justified only if you've found it being reproduced somewhere else or if the article is a complete load of gibberish, in which case your editors needn't have accepted the post in the first place.

    I'm maintaining that I would like to discuss methods by which the article could be enhanced to suit your visitors. I'm just highly irritated by the manner in which this was dealt with.

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    A well researched and intelligent article will not be deleted even if it fetches no traffic. Your articles were on a topic that has been written hundreds of times on various sites. There are some generic topics for which is it next to impossible to rank for like "How to root an Android smartphone", "Will tablets take over laptops", "How to buy a camera/smartphone/laptop" etc. because extremely reputed sites as well as thousand of other sites have written on it. It is not possible to rank for these topics no matter how much effort we might put into it. We have many authors at TEC and we cannot practically maintain personal contacts with each author.

    Your articles were not deleted the same day. The first 2 articles are a month old and your third article is already covered on TEC earlier. Also, we don't appreciate a lot of articles linking to the same site. At most we can allow 1 or 2 articles linking to the same website.

    All in all, there were various problems with your posts namely traffic, minimum words, saturated topics and 3 articles linking to same site.

    Please discuss the topics with WMs before you post them to avoid such situations in future.

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    Hello sunil, it is very bad to know that your all articles are deleted by our webmasters. I think that you should also think about the rules and policies of techulator. As said by our above two webmasters, that according to the guidelines they ca delete the articles if it is not receiving good traffic and due to poor or low quality contents. I only want to say that now you should start the new beginning and try to post the good quality contents that receive good traffic. Many of my articles were also deleted.

    Amit Singh

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