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    I want to earn money from home that's why I choose TECHULATOR to fulfill my dreams......

    My self Ajit from Dehradun (India) and have done MBA in Finance and HR.
    I am interested in doing business and want to earn a lot of money ......for my Mother and other family members.
    I know the value of money.....because I could not do anything for my father when he was alive and he dead due to Cancer.................
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    Techulator has a lot of genuine opportunities to earn decent money. But if you are looking for 'get rich quickly' programs, which are actually scam, you will be disappointed. Typically, if you have good writing skills, you can write articles in our resources section and also post good answers in our Ask Experts section.

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    Avoid using those unwanted dots when you write any text.

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    We welcome you, Ajit to This is a genuine website to earn money by contributing your skills and knowledge in writing to the website. For this, you must practice writing good English and improve your writing skills. If you want to know how the members earn here, you can go through my profile page. I joined this website on January 9 this year and I have earned Rs.18,349 from this website during these 3-4 months.

    The message you typed above lacks in some important writing skills. Do not use unnecessary punctuation marks. 'Myself' is one word. But instead of using 'myself', you should use 'I am'. Expand abbreviations and write full words. Use capital letter only with proper nouns and not in 'Mother'. Instead of writing 'he dead due to cancer', you should write 'he died of cancer'.

    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    Welcome .
    Techulator can fulfill your dream but depend on your performance. It you are able to post articles . reply answer and generate question in Ask Experts section. Another way to earn through revenue share in Techulator.

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    You can also try selling at for earning a decent money.
    Sharing is Caring

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    Hi member
    This is genuine site where you can earn good money by contributing in different section of Techulator. First of all keep in mind that never post copy content Its against roles and policies. In this site there are many section where you can earn good cash.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    Hi Ajit,
    Welcome to the techulator. Techulator is site which makes you to earn a decent amount which will be earning by yourself. The work which you do here will be rewarded. Participate in the article section and produce good quality contents which leds you earn by yourself. Even Ask Expert Section gives lots of money due to producing answers for the other members questions.

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    Hello Ajit Singh,

    To earn money via Techulator is a lengthy process at first only because you are a newbie. Once you get used to the various sections of this site then earning is not that difficult. I feel that you can surely earn money from home using this platform.

    Just follow the guidelines and start contributing in various sections. I would recommend you to join the website (ISC) and The benefit of joining these sites is that you can get a wide range of topics and on ISC the payout is generated if your cash credits are above Rs.250 for first time. The second payout will be generated only if you earn more than Rs. 750. Where as, on Techulator the minimum payout limit is Rs.1000.

    Hence, register on and start contributing in various sections. You have to spend time on this site as much as possible. On most of the ISC sites, you will find various contests and you have to participate in it so that you earn more than the threshold limit.

    Hence, every minute is important and you have to spend it on ISC sites so as to earn some cash from home.

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    You have come at a right place but you should give attention on the point that success has no short cuts. So only the good quality and self written post will be accepted on this site. But before earning from this site you should know about this site. So read about the rules and regulations of this site and know more about it and after it post your valuable and self written posts in this site. I think you will soon become the most successful person on this site.

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    Ajith Singh,
    Welcome to where you can expose your knowledge on technology and earn decent money. Write more technology articles. Refer some approved articles first to get an idea to start with. Keep in mind that never post copied articles from other sources. Write your own and get rewards here. All the best!

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