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    My StatCounter records 25610 visits for this month so far on techulator! What about yours?

    Hello members,

    Today while checking the traffic of my contributions on Techulator via StatCounter, I found a big number under the 'visits for this month' category i.e. 25,610 organic visits and a total number of 35,456 visits since the date of joining. This is really encouraging as it confirms that my contributions are really reaching to many people all over the globe. I have also added a screen shot of my techulator StatCounter visits screen shot as a proof of my above statement.

    I want to know your StatCounter status. So, members, feel free to share the visits recorded by your StatCounter for techulator contributions.
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    Congratulations! Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi, for having huge number of visits this month. My contributions have also reached to globe considerably. 12,845 this month and overall 14, 110. Here is a screenshot of my reach.


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    Dear Syed

    Congrats for getting high traffic on your pages. Your statcounter traffic seems to be pretty good. From my personal experience techulator is one of the best platform to get the best traffic. I was an active member of Techulator ( during early 2012. My best traffic was 156,449 in a single month (January 2012) and a max of 11,059 visitors from a single day (5th January 2012). And it was from around 24 articles. My adsense earnings were also pretty good during that time. I also received 550 USD in that month. So Techulator is one of the best platform to earn some online income.

    Now Techulator is one of the best technology site in India. So our active members can get more and more traffic to their pages.

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    Congrats! Your contribution deserves it.

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    HI Members

    Congratulations! Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi on achieving this visitor on website. It only due to of your hard work,. please keep post your work in all website and earn more awards and traffic.

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    Hello, It is really very to see that you have received 25,610 organic visits and a total number of 35,456 visits since the date of joining. It shows your hard work and valuable good quality contents to techulator that resulted the increase number of traffics on your articles. I am very happy to see that traffic and I also wish to get such type of traffics on my articles also. I will also register on the stat counter and hope that I will also receive the many and many traffic on my article.

    Amit Singh

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    Hai Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi,
    Congratulation to you and all those who are getting good traffic on their articles. Keep it up with the good work and get more and more money.

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    Good to see this much of viewers to your pages. All the best and congratulations for this achievement.
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    Editor -

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    Keep up the great job. Together we can succeed here.

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