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    Give Your Feedback On MWC Homepage Layout

    Dear Members,

    As you all know My Windows Club is a new born baby now and need a lot of improvements. The home page of the site now contains links to Recent Announcements, Discussions, New Articles and also showing Featured Reviews and Featured Resources. There is also two sidebars which are being displayed in every page.

    What do you think about the home page and the site panels? Does they need improvement? Let us know your suggestions and feedbacks regarding the home page layout and the two sidebars. Share whatever you think about it. It is your site and you are the users. So you tell us what you want to see in the home page and side panels, we will try our best to implement your ideas if possible.

    Waiting for response from all of you. Your suggestions are valuable to us.
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    I would like to give following suggestions regsrding the homepage of MWC
    1.The background colour of the launch counter may be changed .At present it is light yellow and looking dull.
    2.There should be a colour change at the bottom too as it is difficult to read Revenue Sharing sites Advertise Privacy Policy Terms Of Use .
    3.There may be a list of resources who got highest pageviews.
    4.There should be a slogan for mywindows club
    Rest all is fine

    Krishna Verma

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    Hi Abhishek,

    Its nice to see a DNS'ian to take the responsibility of MWC.
    Layout is as other sites. But I more appreciate if the colors and theme would be changed.

    While surfing all relevant sites it seems that I am on the same site. In my view there is some difference which predicts I am on DNS or on MWC

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    Home Page is not completely visible on my desktop. So, Try to fit the front page visibility within the monitor screen. Also, Change the theme and color positioning to give it more attractive look.

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    Thanks for your suggestions. We want you here more actively to make MWC a better site, just like you played a very significant role in making DNS in the current state.

    Thanks to the suggestions from Krishna and Pankaj.

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    Can we include the number of view of the website.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Just now noted it, the footer of the page look very odd, the grey color with the blue is not matching, can we have some good color at the botton of the page..

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Hello Mr. abhisek,
    I have three suggestions to tell about our MWC home page.
    First and foremost thing is that the position of the name "my windows club" in the top leftmost of our home page can be shifted to top center position, so that the first thing all will see is only that words.
    Secondly is the colour of the launch counter box is looking old and is not attractive. So the first thing all will notice when we come to our home page is that launch counter. So the colour of that can be improved to make it attractive.
    Finally, as Mr.jeyakumar is above response said, yes the footer is not much attractive and visible. So some colour changes can be done to improve that part also.
    Rest all is fine. Thanks for asking this kind of question in our forum, so that we can know what our members think about our website and each can contribute somehow to make this website a successful in future. Thank you Mr. abhisek.
    Thank you,

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