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    What are the benefits of "Linked In" Account?

    Hi Members

    The thread is about Social website name linked in, Can you tell me what are the advantages and disadvantages of "linked in"? How can we Increase its community? Today i create my account in social website name Linked in. So can you give good explanation and major benefits? Which thing are necessary by creating account in Linked in website?
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    We have come with the Ask experts section to get clarification on such topics. Please post such technical questions in the Ask experts section.

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    Dear webmaster

    My some post are pending in Ask expert section then i post my thread in forum section, Can you forward this topics on Ask expert section?

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    Hello, There are many benefits of social networking website. It is good to see that you have registered today on Linked In social networking website. There are many advantages of social networking website as well as there are many limitations. As the above webmaster said that you have post such type of questions in the ask experts section. So I would also like to suggest you that you should post the question in the ask experts section where you can get the specific answer from the concerned members of techulator.

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    1. You can meet the Corporate People.U can share the Information.
    2. If you are job seeker,if any openings are there people will post what we need to do is simply apply for the job
    3. we can meet out classmates,school mates and childhood friends.
    4. If you are an experienced employee it is easy to get the call from company which you follow.

    Disadvantages :

    1.If you are an employee don't use Linkedin or any social Networking site because your employer may watch your wall

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    Linked-in is another social net working website like Facebook, Twitter, Google +. You can share the information and your thoughts with the persons who follow you and whom you follow. It works in the same way as most of the social networking sites work.
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