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    Improve your English to write quality articles

    We find some common English language errors in the articles of some of the authors. Some of these can be easily avoided. The author of an article must revise the article at least once. The errors which usually occur inadvertently in our writing can be corrected at this stage. Write simple sentences as far as possible. Avoid superlatives like 'best', latest, cheapest, 'most' etc. when writing about devices. In stead use phrases like 'one of the best' and so on. Use the passive voice where required by using one of the forms of verb be {is, am, are, was, been, being}with the third form of the verb. For example, we can write "Samsung has released Galaxy S4" (Active Voice), but cannot write "Samsung Galaxy S4 released". It has to be in passive voice, e.g., "Samsung Galaxy S4 is/was/has been/ is being released". Check spelling before submission. Type the article as a word document and past it in Techulator after corrections have been made. Spelling and grammar can be easily checked in the Ms Word. The other day I found that an author had typed the word 'compactable' in stead of 'compatible'. If there is an error in almost every sentence of an article, it is difficult for the editor to point out each error because of the limitation of the space in text box for showing reason to keep your article pending. Divide your article in paragraphs. Use html paragraph heading h2 for lengthy paragraphs and h3 for short paragraphs. Avoid bold html tags. Some authors are try to increase the length of article by repeating the same fact twice or thrice by changing the words. You can give your comments, if any, below.
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    Hi Sir

    Well this is nice Information for all techulator member. i will try to Improve my English language. Thank you once again.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    This is useful information for the members of Techulator. Indeed, members can understand from this thread that what should avoid, to make their articles quality.

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