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    Suggest categories for the Ask Experts section

    The Ask Experts section is attracting a lot of attention with the cool rewards program. The contests going on in the Ask experts section currently are:
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  • We would like to expand the areas covered in the Ask Experts section. Our valuable members would be the best to suggest categories to be included. Very often you would have thought, that it would be great if a category was included to ask a question. Please feel free to suggest to us, categories to be included in the Ask Experts section.

    We will add the categories, considering your suggestions. Continue posting Expert questions and answers in the Ask experts section!
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    Hello Ashley Mam,

    I would like to suggest the Automobiles section which will have sub categories like Electric Automobile, Non Electric Automobile, Audio system, Battery system, Electric wiring and Electronic automobile locks.

    Now days there are many automobiles which have the tech gadgets by default as well as one can install new devices within the vehicle. Hence, I would like to see the addition of new category in ask experts section as mentioned above.

    Have a nice day.

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    Here are my suggestions:

    List for sub categories in Electronic & Home Appliances:

    Air Conditioners
    Kitchen Appliances
    Washing Machines
    Coolers & Heaters
    Water Purifiers
    Other Electrical Home Appliances
    Video Game Equipments
    UPS & Inverters
    Audio Systems
    Home Theaters
    Blu-ray Disks

    Lakshmi Satish Kumar,

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    I would like to suggest one category i.e the Opinion about. This category is very important for this section as it will help the members to get the opinion of the experts for various tech related devices/appliances.
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    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
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    I will suggest that various sub-categories should be listed under the main categories so that one can know about the sub-categories before trying to post a question.

    Some of the categories / sub-categories which can be included in the list can be:

    1. E-commerce
    2. Hardware
    3. Technology news and trends
    4. Social networking like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo etc.

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    Sukhdev Singh
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    I would like to suggest some categories under Electronics and home appliances.

    1) Sensors,
    2) Electronic switches,
    3) Measuring devices,
    4) Microprocessor

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    Hello Madam,
    I would like to suggest some categories to be included in the Ask experts sections and they are:

    1) Home Appliances based section
    2) Technology based section
    3) General category section
    4) Automobile based section
    5) Smartphones and Tablets section

    "Be The One You Are"

    Akhil Krishnan

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    you may consider the following topics for your Ask expert section are:
    1. Android development queries
    2. iOS tips and tricks
    3. web design
    4. automobiles

    Sunil ranjan mohapatra

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    Before I suggest anything for Ask Expert Section, I think Existing Expert Type and Category should be fixed. There is one category called "General Question" sounds great to ask some random questions. Oops, it doesn't work(cause there is no category under this type). So there isn't a single question under this type.

    Here is the format what I suggest about TEC Ask Expert Types and Categories:

    Advertising and Publishing
    >> Adsense Help & Support
    >> Adwords Help & Support
    >> Chitika Help & Support
    >> Kontera Help & Support
    >> Inforlinks Help & Support
    >> Others
    Blogging and Websites
    >> Blogger QA
    >> Wordpress QA
    >> Web design and SEO
    >> Others
    Computers, Smart Devices and Tablets
    >> Android Devices and issue
    >> iOS Devices and issue
    >> Windows Devices and issue
    >> Blackberry devices and issue
    >> Others
    Electronics & Home Appliances
    >> TV and Refrigerator
    >> Digital camera
    >> Others
    Internet, Browsers and OSs
    >> Android
    >> Windows 8
    >> iOS/MAC
    >> Social Networks
    >> Chrome
    >> Mozilla
    >> Others
    General Questions
    >> Need Tips and Tricks
    >> How to do?
    >> What is?
    >> Recommendations and review
    >> Current happenings and complaints
    >> Others

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    In my opinion some the below mentioned new categories should be introduced in our Ask Expert expert section.

    1) Biometric Solution - including RFID card as well as finger print, face and eye scanning products.
    2) EPABX telephone exchange systems - Both analog and digital
    3) Security surveillance systems
    4) Solar panels being used and micro solar cells being invented

    We most often use services of aforesaid products but don't pay any attention to them. I think, a large number of queries can be expected from visitors on these topics.

    Sushil kumar saini

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    I don't think we should have categories related to home appliances, automobiles and non-tech related things.

    As suggested by one of the members above, I would like to have a category on Windows 8 please. I have installed this and am completely at sea trying to understand how to use its various features! So would love to have this category right away so that I can start getting help from the experts here.


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    I suggest-beginners' question.

    There may be many simpletons like me who are not experts or not even having any basic learning about Electronics, Computer, Hardware or Software. But will have a number of questions. Such persons may feel it shameful to ask their doubts which may appear silly to the other techies. Hence you may open"beginners' questions' section for the benefit of these s laymen.

    But if you want to treat this site only for experts and techies, then forget i.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. We will look into it and update the Ask experts section accordingly.

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    I would like to suggest a new category "Movies". Under that main category, you can have "Hindi Movies", "Regional Movies" etc...

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