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    Article Contest : Insurance for mobile phones/laptops/tablets (extended)

    We are announcing an article contest on a very different and interesting topic. The topic for the article contest is "Insurance for mobile phones/laptops/tablets".

    To promote more participation in this contest, we have extented the contest to 7 May 2013.

    The guidelines for the contest are:
  • The insurance details of the gadget in the article could be of any country.

  • The article could be about a specific product insurance or a comparison of various insurance plans or companies.

  • We allow only one article per topic. You can post your topic now and update the post with the link, once you publish the article.

  • Last entry for the article contest should be submitted on 27 April 2013 7 May 2013

  • First prize winners will get Rs 250 and 100 points.

  • Consolation prizes will receive Rs 100 and 50 points.

  • Some examples for topics are:

    Nokia handset insurance in India.
    Sangeetha mobile insurance in India.
  • #15263
    Here goes my entry: How to get Laptop Insurance

  • #15264
    Here is my topic " How to choose an insurance plan for your smartphone/ laptop/ tablet" .
    Sharing is Caring

  • #15265
    I don't think you can submit a link of your article draft. You should submit the link only when the article is fully published.


  • #15266

    Yes, you can write on how to claim ones mobile/tablet/laptop insurance or how to choose an electronic portable device insurance.

    As Vandana mentioned, please submit the link only once the article is fully published. You can mention the topic in the thread and update the link later on, once the article is fully published.

  • #15269
    I will be writing on:
    Nokia handset insurance in India
    Main features of mobile phone insurance in India

    16/03/2013 - I have submitted my article:
    How to apply for Nokia handset insurance plans in India.


  • #15271
    It is a very good contest announced by webmaster. I will also took participate in this contest and post my article soon in this contest.

    Amit Singh

  • #15302
    Here is the link to my entry for the contest:

    What, why and how of mobile phone insurance in India.

    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

  • #15323
    Sukhdevji's article contains all the same aspects which I am covering in my article & I had mentioned my topic clearly in my previous response. What should be done now? We cannot submit more than one article on the same topic so my article becomes redundant.


  • #15330

    Your topic "Nokia handset insurance in India" does not conflict with Sukhdevji's, since it is specific to Nokia. The topic "Main features of mobile phone insurance in India", I guess, is covering the main features of phone insurance in India. Sukhdevji's article is in depth. You can go ahead with the topic as long as the same content is not there in both the articles.

  • #15334
    My topic to the contest is:
    LG handset insurance in India

  • #15343
    That is the link of my entry for this contest.

    Nokia handset insurance in India

  • #15346
    I was not talking about the Nokia handset insurance topic, but the other one. My topic article clearly indicates that it will naturally have the various aspects of mobile phone insurance - what is included & excluded from a policy plan. Sukdhevji submitted his article without checking I think the topics selected by others. Sukhdevji should have taken up another topic. Now I cannot submit my article since it covers the same aspects as his article. The point of letting other members know what we are writing on is so that they too do not write the same thing. Henceforth I request Sukhdevji to mention, like other members, his article topic too before submitting. I will publish my article elsewhere now since it will just get deleted here.

    Chetrapal, too, has taken up the topic I have and submitted his article. I think members are not bothering to read the contest rules & this is unfair.


  • #15352
    Hello Meme

    I will submit my entry very soon. Thanks for announcing new contest in techulator.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

  • #15436
    Chetrapal Singh,

    You are not supposed to choose a topic, which was already selected by another member for the contest. Your entry is not considered for the contest. Please choose another topic for the contest. Make sure that it has not been already selected by other members before submission. Check the thread to see the entries made by other members.


    Since the topic of your article was already chosen by another member, it will not be considered in the contest. Please choose another topic.

  • #15437

    Please go ahead with the topics mentioned by you. If a same topic has been chosen by other members, we will only consider the articles submitted by the first entrant in the contest. The articles submitted by others on the same topic will remain in the articles section and will not be considered for the contest. We are trying to avoid duplicate content in the site. If articles are not giving any value to us, we may reject the article.

  • #15531
    Thanks for the update. Please consider Sukhdevji's article for the contest since anyway I won't be submitting mine on that topic. He has provided good information with complete details and it is definitely a good entry.


  • #15580

    Since Vandana has not submitted the entry, you will be eligible for the contest.

  • #15627
    The contest is extended to 7th May'2013. Hurry up to participate!!

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