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    Laptop getting slower down

    My Laptop: Lenovo G580 59352561, 20157, 1.8 GHz Intel Celeron Dual Core B830 Processor, Windows 7, 32 bit. 2 GB Ram, 320 GB HDD.

    I used C cleaner before shut down.
    I do not have games installed. No extra software loaded.

    I bought my laptop only for working purpose. Thats why I do not have anything extra that slow down my system. Since few days I noticed that my system is going very slow, files are taking too much time to open. I do not understand what is the problem with me.

    Some of my friends told me that Win 7 is slower one.
    Should I need to install Windows 8?

    Please help me to speed up my laptop.
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    The problem cannot be due to Windows 7. I am also using Lenovo laptop B460 with Windows 7 Ultimate. The laptop has no problem just because it is running on Windows 7. The problem can be caused by some malware or some of the programmes which is not running properly. Save your files and try to get it reformatted and the Windows reinstalled. First delete all temp files and see if there is any improvement.
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    Thank you Sir

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    I thiink your laptops heat sink ventilaction in rusted try to clean your laptop by taking it to service provider or may be some sort of virus in your lap may make your lap slow check it out first.

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    Thanks for the reply.

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    If you still have same problems, Here is the few basic things I suppose you can perform easily and it will result you the faster speed for your work.

    1. Go to RUN - type "prefetch" - A Window will appear - Select All and Delete them.
    2. Go to RUN - type "recent" - A Window will appear - Select All and Delete them.
    3. Go to RUN - type "temp" - A Window will appear - Select All and Delete them.
    4. Go to RUN - type "msconfig" - A Window will appear - Select "Start Up" tabs and Unmark all except antivirus. Now Press "Close" and restart.
    5. Search for "Disc Cleaner" in Start Menu. Now clean all your drives.
    6. Search for "Disc defragmentater" in Start Menu. Now Analyze and Defragment all your drives.
    7. Go Control panel and check our, you don't have any "Installed Tool bars like Babylon/utorrent or anything". Uninstall them if you're not using them.
    8. Run Antivirus/Scan your full system.
    9. I'd recommend you to upgrade Windows 8 if you really want to experience fast and fluid performance.

    Let me know if still you have slow speed?

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    This is fantastic, I really thank you.

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    Hello I am very happy that pramod want to discuss on this topic. I also think that there is no problem due to intalled windows 7 operating system. I am also using the windows 7 on my lenovo laptop but it doesn't makes it slower. I think that junoon is rightly posted response for your thread. You can use and follow these steps to make your laptop to work faster. So it is good to see that you have followed these steps and your problem solved. I am also used these methods to make my laptop work faster.

    with regards
    amit singh

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