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    Get paid for posting answers in other sites!

    Here is another revenue opportunity from

    MyWindowsClub.Com is paying cash credits to the clickable links posted in other selected websites. The links must lead to any valid page in MyWindowsClub.Com which contain additional information. Member can get cash credit up to Rs 25 per post, according to the quality of the link.


    * Do not SPAM other sites. We respect the policies of other sites just like we want others to follow our rules. Post only very relevant content in other sites. For example, if some one has posted a question in another about resolving a problem in their PC, you can post a detailed resource about that problem and solution in MWC. Then post a link to that MWC page in the other site along with a short summary of the solution in that site. By providing a summary of the solution in the other site, you are adding some value to the other site. By providing a link to MWC page, you are helping them find the solution as well as helping MWC get some traffic.

    Do not simply add a link to our site from other sites. Most sites will consider it as SPAM. You should always post a summary of the solution in the other site along with the link to MWC.

    * After posting a message in the other sites with a link to MWC, you must submit the URL of that other site page in our Links section so that we will know you have posted there. After we review, we will assign cash credits to your post.

    * Only clickable links in other reputed sites, which lead to any valid page in MWC will be eligible for cash credits. You may link to your own resource pages in MWC.

    * Do not post links to in any illegal websites.

    * We will not accept links of social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook etc since they are not publicly visible without signing in. To get paid, the links should be visible without signing in.

    * Submitted links will be reviewed within 7-10 days.

    * If your message in the other site is deleted by their admins, you will not get any cash credits here.

    * Remember to respect the rules in other sites and do not post links to MWC if they do not allow linking to sites like MWC

    * Search engine friendly links will earn higher cash credits.

    * In some sites, they automatically add rel="nofollow" to every links. We do not give cash credits to such posts, unless they are in very reputed sites like Yahoo Answers, Microsoft official forums, Wikipedia etc. (In case of very popular sites, we will give cash credits even if the link has rel="nofollow")

    Some good sites to post answers with links to MWC:


    2. Yahoo Answers

    3. Wikipedia - you may add reference to various pages of MWC under relevant topics in MWC. If your link is valid, relevant and approved in Wikipedia, we will give cash credits very liberally.

    If there are other good sites you like to participate and post links to MWC, let me know. I will add them here.

    Please note that some sites automatically add
    to outgoing links. Those links are not very useful for us and we may not give much cash credits.
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    Dear members,

    Well, here is a golden opportunity to show you talents and skills. As our Webmaster Mr.Tony has observed, please try to follow the rules while providing and please appreciate the regulations in other websites also.

    @ Mr.Tony,

    Thank you for providing yet another opportunity to all the members to contribute and earn more in MWC.

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    HiTony Sir,
    One new contest, you have really made a it a monsoon season at MWC with contests pouring it again and again.I hope the members of MWC will enjoy this monsoon.

    Krishna Verma

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    Dear Tony,

    Thanks for introducing another cash credit program for our members.

    Abhisek Panda
    Be Happy and Make Others also Happy
    Go Green and Save [Y]our Future.

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    At this outset I would like to tell all the members who are posting links in other websites, give pages of MWC while answering. It will be better if you add clickable links while giving MWC pages in your blogs.

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    Hello Members,

    Are you listening to Mr. Tony John?

    Ever heard about website providing your earning cash opportunities by providing links on other websites. I think and as far I know it is the one of its own best earning way to help members for their devotion of time and efforts.

    But again comes some restrictions & rules to follow of other websites. Because no website will allow its website to be used as link for other websites. They will only allow if the link is going to be helpful for other members of that particular website.

    So be wise & think the other website as your own for a moment. Now will you allow link(which you yourself providing on website)in your case. If your answer yes(honestly)then post the link there. And I am much sure that the particular link will be appreciated by other users of the website.

    Let's share the quality contents with other until they don't make other users irritated.

    Vikram Singh Saini


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    Dear Tony,

    Its really a good suggestion for all the users of this website. The users can earn lots of money for posting the answer on other site and giving the link to this website.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Really a nice idea.

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    Good, great step

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    Hello TONY SIR,

    Its a good news to announce cash credit in link section. I wish I will earn the best of it.

    Best of luck

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