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    Google, how to use it effectively?

    Google is a very important tool for anyone working in the internet marketing. This tool has some functions but often overlooked, however, are really needed to get some figures on your website.

    The search for new tools, new books to read, solutions to your problems, new products to sell in affiliation and an analysis of your competitors are some things you need at one time or another.

    Please can I have some ideas to use google effectively ?
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    Google is such an important tool in the hands of an author or even a general web browser that we have to often take the help of this search engine for any information we need in our day to day work. This tool has greatly enhanced the knowledge of the world. We have to just type some relevant key word and the information will be there before us. Since the information is given through many websites on the same subject, we have to use our intelligence and common sense as to which website will give us the best information. Many people will prefer Wiki since they can get a comprehensive information at one place. We can narrow down our search based on what we need to search since there are options at the Menu Bar of the Google like images, maps, music, videos, YouTube videos, news, calendar, translation, book et. The default option is for text search. We can also fine tune our search by giving the necessary criteria for our search.
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