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    Discuss: Why do people prefer to use Windows?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Why do people prefer to use Windows?'.
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    As windows is Over-rided the Era of DOS , based on it's Grapical User interface, Windows Changed the face of Computing.

    As windows supports more hardwares and Softwares than other Operating System's like Mac-os, Linux, unix or ubuntu, it's Popular

    With Continous support,Most PC users,Timely Ubdates, windows is holding the users behind it.

    More Trainng anf Help is Availabile for the users than any other operating system,

    With Little Knowledge you can start Using Windows.

    Ultimatley the Windows is a monopolistic Player in terms of Operating System.

    User interface will help the users to easily understand what next to do,

    More and More can be Discussed, because it's "Windows"

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    Everyone is familiar about Microsoft and its products. The Most important information is you will get support and solution for almost all your issues.

    Some are of the reasons are

  • Easy to use Microsoft products

  • 3rd party support for all the Microsoft products
  • Continuous support from Forms like Microsoft Forums and many more
    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Hello arvind,

    Yes, why people prefer windows is a good question in deed. This question has three answers.
    First one is as you have posted in the poll, the answer is all of the above which includes user based, challenging one, easy to manage and satisfies every needs. This is their successfulness among other operating systems.
    Second answer for this is ignorance. Some of the people don't even know that there are some other operating systems. So most of the people suggests windows operating system.
    Third one is advertisement. Windows has launched seven of its versions starting from windows 1.0 to windows 7. All become popular by the means of advertisements.


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    There are lots of benefits in Windows Os,Some of the Common most popular benefits are :

    1. Graphical User Interface : No need to remember lots of commands for working,in fact all the working commands is available in the form of Menus,Tools,Context Menus.

    2. Easy Interaction : When we are doing the work,Windows ask us in the general form of different dialog boxes for our response,like "Ok","Cancel","Accept","Retry","Yes","No","Save",simple word for our understanding.

    3. Fun Like Activities : Drag and Drop the things from one place to other.

    4. Nice User friendly Desktop : its itself says to Novice user to start thier work by clicking on "Start" Button,Choose the Programs from "Program Menu".

    5. Mouse Interaction : If something not happen in "Click",Right Click on that Item or "Double Click".

    6. Expert User :For an Expert User,Lots of Short cut keys are present for giving input faster.

    7. Windows 7 : its a super fast Operating System due to rendering the Concepts of Vector Graphics.

    I have given some of the reason,Why do people Prefer Windows?there can be more reasons.

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