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    What change you like to see in

    Thanks to all our dear members for being part of this fast growing technology portal. We are looking forward to suggestions and feedback from you to make this site a better place.

    If you like to see a change in Techulator, what is the most important one for you? Please share one change that you like to see in Techulator.

    NOTE: We know our UI sucks! A professional company is working on new user interface for us and it will be live within few weeks.
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    Hello sir, one thing I wanted to change here was the UI here. It looks pretty simple. Try to make it a bit modern. And more user friendly. :)
    Hope you make the changes! :)

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    According to me, We can have the tab asking the Website URL in the Resource Response section.

    Usually all blogs have the Name, Email id and WEbsit url and the comment box for getting comments from readers. So I think we could also have the same kind of structure which will help us to get more comments or the resource response from the readers.

    Just a suggestion.

    Live Your Life Your Way

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    I want to see new-latest professional logo of Techulator with an innovative tag line, As our portal growing fast I want fast internal activities and supports from Editors/Webmasters Panel. To be frank, Waiting 2-3 days for the approval of articles/questions giving bad feelings and disappointments.
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    Thanks for the information that we are soon going to have a new User Interface being worked out by a professional company. We can have a Guidance Section especially for the article writers so that we can have flawless quality articles published on our website for better viewership.
    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    I want to see e-mail notification for all the alerts and approvals. If we see articles are in pending or approved or even deleted, every time author should login and see the alert. Otherwise there is no option to find about this issue. Now in Techulator many authors producing lot of articles from their side. If the notification comes for articles, then every member would get notified without logging into account through mobile itself.

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    There is already an email system for article status change from a few weeks now.

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    A few changes I would like to see is streamlining of guidelines and sections. Presently, the guidelines are not present in a proper format and at locations where the members can easily find it.

    A HTML text box providing the basic HTML editing would be an excellent addition. Right now it is quite irritating for new writers to put in HTML tags. Even old members like us would appreciate it.

    Migration to Infolinks or at least a option to select between Kontera and Infolinks. Kontera counts only half of the impressions counted by Adsense! I don't know what is the problem with them but I have discussed this issue with other publishers and the replies I have received suggest shifting to Infolinks which offers between ad impressions and even better revenue.

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    The one and only change or improvement I want to see is the quick article reviewal.

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    Sir, this change may look small. There is no link to come back to Ask Experts Section main page after a member submits a question in Ask Expert section. Please provide a link either to Ask Expert Main page or for submitting a new question. Thank you.
    Lakshmi Satish Kumar,

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    Hello Sir

    I have an idea if you implement on the "ask expert" & "Forum" section then it will be very helpful for the every member & not on this website but also on the other sites of this spider technology.
    Now suppose that in ask expert section I have given many answers but after few days I confuse that on which questions I have provided the answer. Now to see this I have to visit on the question & check there if i have to reply again then it's good otherwise it's my wastage of time.

    Now my idea is that "if there is any tick mark which will indicates that you have given the answer of this question." This way will save our lot of time and any member can visit on the more new question rather then there visited questions.

    Sir if you find this idea interesting then takes the feedback from senior candidates of this website & implement on it.

    Friends if you have any suggestion & idea then you can also post here.

    Thank's & Regards
    Sandeep Yadav
    How to earn money at Techulator

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    My suggestions about improvement in is the forum section also should be active with technical discussions.

    Currently all we can see is discussion about In Ask expert the discussions are in the format of question answers, but there are some topics which would be better discussed rather than answered.

    Namita Terse

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    1. According to me "Infolinks" should replace "Kontera".
    2. A option to embed user created videos to their articles.

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    My Suggestions. You don't necessarily have to follow each and everyone,but yes, these would give the site more exposure.

    1. Migrate to some content management system , preferably Wordpress so that it gets easier for managing the contents on the site.

    2. Have a better comment section, suggested - Disqus comments

    3. Floating type social sharing of articles would give a boost.

    4. Forum can be much better , Try Vbulletin .

    5. Work more on the social media , twitter and facebook page should be maintained well. The top tech blogs get their visitors from twitter. - Making Life on the web easy

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    Hello Tony Sir,

    I feel that we should have 'Android' section in forums. Right now we have resource section for this. But forum section is also required.


    "Technology is today's need. Learn it as much as you can!"

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    Hello Sir,
    I have E-mailed you regarding this before also. We must have an URL which will show all our resources at a single place.


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    There should be some provisions to incorporate 'Suggested articles' on which the members can write. The suggested article should be immediately removed from the list once it becomes saturated.
    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    The submission of articles should be made more easy. We need to use the basic html tags and if there are a lot of headings and sub headings in a articles, it become really difficult to place a tag note before and after each word or sentence. So, my suggestion is that there should be an improvement in the article submission section as in the Google blogger where we need not to introduce the tags rather just select the option of heading, sub heading, bold etc and all is done automatically. Also, an auto-save option should also be introduced as in the blogger editor which automatically saves our articles and hence nulls the loss of hardwork done during any power cut especially on PC's. So, refer to the text editor in and try to introduce such features in the text editors of Techulator also.
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    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Tech lover

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    These are some suggestions from my side.

    1. Instead of only HTML editor I wish to have visual editor too. So that the work becomes easy and time saving.

    2. Better to have some SEO analyzing software for checking keyword density, Flesch Reading Ease test, page title etc.

    3. Like Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi mentioned, there should be auto-save option which helps a lot.

    And finally the most important thing is that the articles should be reviewed as soon as possible with fair credits.

    M Suman Kumar

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    Hello Tony Sir,

    In the article section we can add only one image at a time and we have to redesign the attachment section so that multiple images can be uploaded at once.

    The uploaded images should have the facility to choose a selective portion in those images with the help of drag function. Some times we need only a selective portion in the image and adding this feature will save a lot of time.

    Have a nice day.

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    I think there should be separate categories for every brand in Product Reviews section. This helps the user to navigate easily without any difficulty and inconvenience.

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    Hello Sir,
    I have a request to you. Today, for the first time, someone asked me how to subscribe to my posts at Techulator. But I had no answer for him since we have no member's feeds' subscription option at TEC. So, it is my humble request to you to add the same. This will help the TEC as well as the individual members to get awesome traffic from the readers.

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    Hello sir, I have a request that, waiting for a long time for article approval causes disatisfaction and dull. So please ensure that not much time is taken for article result. Another one is that there shoulc be a autosave option, without autosave its more time consuming.

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    Hai i don't think the UI has to be changed immeidtly. The current ui is simple. But it is a bit confusing. And i would like to see a sign in with facebook option.

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    Hi Tony Sir,
    I think there is the need of a Job section in Techulator as while comparing it with other sister websites like IndiaStudyChannel and Java StudyChannel, it seems that a crazy thing is missing in Techulator, something which the Techulator needs. So my statement goes like:

    "Introduce a "Tech Job Section" in Techulator so that all members can contribute towards a 4th Tech portal (after Articles, Forums and Ask Experts section)"

    And I know that members will attempt best in making Techulator not only a technology article, discussion and question portal but also a Technology Job portal from then!

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    Please delete my post -

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    Hello sir,
    From my point of view you have to make this site more dynamic by using some drop down menu for every new categories. And you have to send the approval notification to the mail.

  • #14998
    In the article section, to find out topic, search option should be given so that we can search particular topic already present in there. The present search option is common and it loads other section results which will be difficult to find out for saturation topic.

  • #14999
    Sir, a change is neccessary in the field of waiting time.Articles posted must be reviewed by the editors as soon as possible. Waiting for the result of posted article causes disatisfaction.So please ensure that any changes if possible might be brought into.

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    Hello, there are many concerned members of techulator who gave their valuable suggestions that what change you like see I am very happy that they have given their valuable suggestion. I think that there is no change need in the techulator. If a change need in the techulator then the webmaster knows well then the techulator members. I think that everything is perfect in the techulator but if webmaster want a change then I would like to suggest that techulator should have more sections in which we can contribute daily and actively participate in that sections.

    With Regards
    Amit Singh

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    @ Amit,
    I also know that Webmaster knows well than all the members of Techulator but look! Tony sir gave us the chance to suggest our views in making Techulator far better. Ok!
    And talking about the suggestion provided by you, please elaborate what kind of sections you want to see more?

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    Dropdown option to select a particular section while searching and subdomains for sections. Maybe a seperate subdomain for each member.

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    Provide alert for newly recieved message in the table which is available at top right side of the screen. Just like Alerts (1) available in the same table.
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    Hello Tony Sir,

    If the members of Techulator reach threshold of Rs. 1000/- then they should get a message on to their mobile handsets.

    If possible the registered members should get a weekly message on to their mobile handset that would display total points and cash credits for that week.

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