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    Please post technical questions in the Ask Experts section

    Please note that we have launched the Ask Experts section. All technical questions should be posted there and not in the forum. Ask Experts section is optimized to get traffic for such posts.

    Also, please avoid starting any thread in Ask Experts with "Dear friend", "Dear member" etc. Do not write your name in the bottom of your posts.
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    Tony sir,
    Thank you for informing us about what is good to be posted in Ask Experts section of Techulator. I hope that all the members will try to implement this faculty while posing a question in that section.

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    Thanks Mr Tony for guiding the members to post technical questions in the Ask Experts Section. This would also avoid duplication because some of the members first post a technical question in the Forums Section and then post a similar question in the Ask Experts Section.
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    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    Thank you sir, for providing useful info to all. I too have been observing less number of questions related to technology in Ask Experts section. Hope this information will guide all members to shoot valid questions.
    M Suman Kumar

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    I too had seen many technical questions are being posted in forum for want of three reasons: 1. member is yet to be allowed with posting rights in Ask experts section; 2. the content can also be allowed either in forum or in Ask expert sections; and 3. members already got restriction in Ask expert section for below par questions.

    If the above three issues are addressed promptly, then perhaps we can see good contribution level in Ask expert section.

    Lakshmi Satish Kumar,

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    Thanks sir for this new feature.

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    Thank You Tony sir for guiding the new members to post there technical questions in Ask Expert section. They will get better answer through Ask Expert section by some expert of that particular topic. There is one more benefit i.e. if that particular thread gets 1000 visitors then the member will also win the 1000 visitors award by techulator. Hope new members will take care of this thing and post technical questions in ask expert section.

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    Hi Tony Sir,
    Thanks for giving this valuable information. I feel to share my happiness about working in the Ask Expert Section because of you. You are providing lot of guidelines for members being helpful for me to work in the section. I will follow your guideline to work with this section.

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    Thanks for clearing the importance and use of ask experts section. I shall say that the editors should check the questions according to the quality and not the quantity of the reponses to the various questions posted in ask experts. This is so because some members unnecessarily elaborate the responses only for the sake of gaining more and more points and cash and the strange thing is that they are welcomed by the editors. Some of the answers are quite informatuve withh less in quantity but they are not encouraged and are given some points and no cash. So, I request the editors to check the informaion contained in the answers of the questions and not just the numbers of words in it. Hope that someone will ponder over my request.
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    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Tech lover

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