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    Interview the Bloggers, Publish and Earn rewards (updated)

    We are coming up with a Blogger Interview program.

    You can interview popular bloggers and publish the interview here. We will select one interview every week and feature it in Techulator's home page. All interviews will be given good cash rewards and points.

    Your benefits: We will give you an interview template, which you can hand over to the bloggers to be interviewed. They will fill all the information. You are getting free content without much efforts. Most probably, the blogger will share the interview once published in social networks and in his blog and that will get you free traffic. When the interview is featured in the home page, you will get additional traffic. The points from such interviews will be counted for revenue sharing program.

    Benefit for the blogger: You can convince the bloggers to participate in the interview explaining the benefits they get. They will get good promotion through the interview. Every blogger who was interviewed has a chance to be featured in the home page during the next several weeks.

    UPDATE: We will give only a no-follow link to the blogger's website(s) to avoid Google penalties for them and for us. Also, the anchor text of the link will be the name of the website.

    The cash credits and points given for the interview depends on the popularity of the blogger interviewed as well as the quality of the text in the interview.

    Make sure you include a photo of the blogger in the interview.

    Interview should be published here:

    Here is a template you can use for the interview.

    How to approach bloggers for interview:

    Do not bother busy bloggers with annoying messages. Rather, contact them through Facebook or other options and ask them politely if they like to be interviewed, which will be published and featured in If they agree, show them a customized version of the interview template. Do not give the same template to everyone. Instead, customize the template according to the status and situation of the blogger.

    Once the blogger agree to participate, send him the interview questions and ask him to fill and return. Once you get it back, do some fine tuning without changing the meaning of what he wrote. Remove any unanswered questions. Then publish it in the resources section of techulator.

    Don't forget to post a link to the interview resource here as a response below.
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    Thanks for announcing this awards, I will participate in the contest.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    I have gone through the template provided by you which contains a lot of questions. Now, my question is that do we have to get the answer of the every question from the blogger who has a very busy time schedule?

    "For quitters never win, for winners never quit"
    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Tech lover

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    Thank you very much Mr.Tony for announcing this new series of awards. Could you please let us know the simple way how to find out information about bloggers from the internet and how to contact them from Facebook if they are not in our members' list.
    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    The template has too many questions. You need to shortlist the best questions suitable for the blogger you are interviewing. Or, ask them to short list and choose the questions they want to respond.


    There are several blogger groups in Facebook, LinkedIn etc. You may search for bloggers, SEO etc and probably post a message saying you like to interview few emerging bloggers and ask them to contact you. Do not mention the site name in the original message because you may be considered as a spammer.

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    Thanks Tony Sir for your valuable response. I will surely try to participate in this program as it will increase my knowledge about the blogging and SEO.
    "For quitters never win, for winners never quit"
    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Tech lover

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    What if the blogger doesn't want to introduce him/herself pictorially in the blog interview. What if they do not grant permission to show their image in the article on interview experience. Kindly guide me correctly through this issue.

    "For quitters never win, for winners never quit"
    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Tech lover

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    Thanks Tony Sir for coming up with this new contest. It will be fun reaching out to various bloggers and know more about them. The best part is we will get richer in points, traffic and cash for doing this activity.
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    Thank you for nice contests and good earning opportunity. Making interview of famous and emerging blogger is really awesome task to do. Sure all members can enjoy this contest and produce superb blogger interviews.
    with best regards

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    Hello Tony sir,

    This is my first blogger interview with Ankit Sharma. Find the article of this interview.

    My second blogger interview with Atual Haque. Find the article of this interview.

    Thank you for announcement of this type of new concept.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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    Please reply to my email. I had a smal request for you. Hope that it will be responsed positively.
    "For quitters never win, for winners never quit"
    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Tech lover

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    This is out of the box contest from Techulator, it will help many bloggers to introduce and promote themselves online. Very nice initiative for bloggers.

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