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    Which Windows 7 Version is light

    Hello Member

    As you know there many operating version available in the market for the PC. The problem which is creating in my mind can some one tell me which is very light version and do not create load on our system?
    The list of version is given,

    1. Windows 7 stater
    2. Windows 7 Home
    3. Windows 7 Professional
    4. Windows 7 premium
    5. Windows 7 Business

    So there are many version So kindly suggest me which is very light and do load on the PC and work very fine.
    I hope you can understand my point of view, so kindly give the answer related to the question and thread.
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    I think the Windows 7 Home Basics may be good for use at home. I do not know what do you mean by 'light'. The use of different versions of windows is made for different purposes with slight variation in their features. Since all members may not be using all the versions, they can give you only a general opinion of what they hear from others. It had been better if you would have posted your question in the Ask Experts Section. The answer to your question can be given by the expert members after reading reviews of the different version of the Windows 7. There is another version Windows 7 Ultimate too, which you have not mentioned.
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    @ Zanib Kahtoon: I was reading your post your post and found one mistake in it and that is in the 1st option of the versions list, youu have mentioned "Windows 7 stater" and please correct it and write "Windows starter" in place of that.

    According to me you should go with Windows 7 starter because I think that this version will not provide so much load to your PC.

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    Dear Zanib,
    You have not mentioned the highest version of Windows 7 which is Windows Ultimate. I think it is the lightest and the fastest to use. I have used Home Basic version for two years and now I am using Windows Ultimate. I think Windows Ultimate is better than Home Basic version in terms of speed and appearance. Also all the features of Windows 7 are available in Windows Ultimate as it is the highest version. Those functions are not available in Home Basic version of Windows 7. So from my personal experience I recommend you to use Windows Ultimate for increased speed and better performance of your computer.
    If you are using a genuine Window then you can use a upgrade key to upgrade your Window to Windows Ultimate. But if you are using a pirated Window then you need to format your computer and reinstall the new Window using Windows CD.
    Hope my suggestions are helpful to you.

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    According to me the windows 7 home basic is the lightest version from the windows 7 series by Microsoft. I personally also use the Windows 7 home basic in my laptop and it really works fine. I do not need to restart my computer because of hanging up or slowing down. So, I recommend windows 7 home basic to enjoy the best feature at a great processing speed.
    Also, I would like to suggest that please post such types of questions in the ask experts to get better rewards as well as to generate more traffic in the Techulator.

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