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    Why My PC is restarting

    Hello Member

    The thread is about my computer which is using at my home. Today at morning when I switch on my computer they go on the desktop option and then IT switch and start again. I removed Al ram one by one but the problem is fix. I also check my Processor fan which is working perfectly. So kindly tell what I do, I am using Windows 7 Start version in the Computer.
    Please give your best solution and tips for solving my problem.
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    It is better if this question is discussed in the Ask Experts Section. As far as I remember, this question was asked by someone and is already answered there. Kindly read the responses given to the question in the following url of Ask Experts Section:

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    @ Zanib Kahtoon: There are some mistakes in your question. You have written "Windows 7 Start" instead of it write "Windows 7 Starter". In sentence "I removed Al ram one by one but the problem is fix" you should write that problem is not fixed instead of writing that problem is fixed.

    According to me also you should post this query in Ask Expert section for better solutions regarding this.

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    Dear Zanib;
    This is a normal problem. This usually happen whenever you install any new software or you are having too many programs installed in your computer. I am writing the steps you can follow to solve this problem.
    First of all uninstall all the programs which are of no use to you.
    You can uninstall the programs by going to "control panel>uninstall program" and then there will be a window showing the list of programs installed in your computer. you just right click on the program and select uninstall. It will uninstall your program.
    If the problem is still there then check the properties of desktop by right clicking it and check whether there is an option of restart the computer after 30 minutes or some other time. Uncheck the check box and close the window.
    If still the problem is there then it can be a hardware problem. If there is someone who knows about CPU, then you can tell him to check the RAM and other cables whether they are properly connected or not.
    If still your problem is not solved then you should call some technician to check your computer.

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