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    Introducing cash for questions in Ask Experts section

    We have been discussing giving cash credits for questions in Ask Experts section. Finally, we have the system in place. Going forward, all good questions in Ask Experts section will earn some cash rewards, along with good points.

    The points earned from this section also will be counted for the monthly revenue sharing program, so it is double rewards! (Well, actually, it is triple rewards! We have another ongoing reward program - as soon as the total visits to your question reach 1000, you will be given Rs 100. Read more about this ongoing program.)

    Some tips to earn higher rewards in Ask Experts question:
    1. Include keywords that are often searched by people in the title of the question.

    2. If you are asking question about any error messages, put the exact error message in the title and description

    3. Give detailed description of the problem

    4. Post questions that are reported by many people in various forums and groups

    5. You may make the questions anonymous and still get the rewards.

    Get Started: Post Questions in Ask Experts section
  • #13597
    Tony sir,
    Thank you for introducing this feature. But I am not able to post questions in Ask Experts section. While, according to you there is a bug in that Section.
    Please go through my previous forum post replied by you, I am an Ask Experts section star but can't post my own questions!

  • #13598
    I believe that problem occurs once in a while and not consistently. Please try now and you should be able to post questions.

  • #13599
    Thank you Tony sir by announcing such a wonderful new feature of Techulator. This will boost new submissions to Ask Experts and also traffics too. Hope member will get maximum benefits of this feature by asking genuine questions for what people are looking for solutions.
    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • #13601
    Tony sir,
    Again thank you. I just posted my question in Ask Experts section. Have a look!

  • #13604
    A good initiative from the webmaster. This will help the members to earn more cash credits, points and suitable answers for their question. Thank you webmaster for this support.
    Sharing is Caring

  • #13607
    Hello Tony Sir, This is really one of the good initiatives in . Please remember that in my initial days in this site, I have raised the same point in one of my forum threads but I could not get any answers during that time.

    By the way, Tony Sir, is this change or announcement prospective or retrospective?

    Lakshmi Satish Kumar,

  • #13620

    This change is applicable from the date of Announcement.

  • #13624
    Tony Sir, Thanks a lot for this new initiative for awarding points and cash credits. Today morning (IST) I was surprised to see cash credits for two questions awarded to me by the system. This will greatly increase the quality of the Ask Experts Section, and will also attract more members to this section.
    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

  • #13626
    This is one of the best announcement from Techulator, we can get money now even from asking quality tech question in Ask Expert section. I will participate in this for getting triple benefit of course.

  • #13848
    Hi sir

    Sir kindly give permission in that section.

  • #13853
    Thank you for great opportunity to earn maximum revenue share. I just started to contribute in this section and feeling great.
    with best regards

  • #13952
    Thank You Tony sir for introducing this new award in ask expert section for giving the cash for good questions. This will definitely boost the moral of the members to post new threads in ask expert section with good questions.

  • #13957
    Hi Tony Sir,
    Thanks for giving this exciting contest and offers for the Techulator members. Most of the Techulator members are actively participating in the Ask Expert Section. I just want one thing from you sir. What is anonymous in the Ask Expert Section? Many members are using this so that it getting doubt about the author who made this question. If suppose am raising my question as anonymous whether the credits belongs to me or not. What is the purpose of using anonymous in Questions and answers?

  • #15399
    Sir, My request is that please consider given cash for asking high traffic question in IndiaStudyChannel too since some of my questions producing high traffic but on cash credits but here members earning 100% revenue share with cash of asking questions too and I feel envy about this.

  • #15401
    This is an amazing opportunity for all member who are contributing in that section. I am also trying to post quality content.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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