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    HTC ONE V Desktop Screen Apps

    Hi Member

    Today I was very confused when I want to remove some Icons on the desktop screen of HTc ONE V. Here i provide you some details about the problem. what I want to do? On the Screen Some Apps show more then two time and I want to remove these Icon (Apps) from desktop screen so kindly give the suggestion how I cant remove or hide these Apps. I cant attach photo pf the screen with marks otherwise I attach the photo.
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    @ Zanib Kahtoon

    Kindly improve your English writing skills by using the correct verb tense form in the opening sentence of your thread. Since you are writing about an action which has already happened, please write it in the past tense. You can correct your sentence by typing "I was very confused when I wanted to remove ..." in place of "I am very confused when i want to remove...". Please use 'i' as capital letter 'I' whenever it occurs alone in a sentence. You must press the space bar of your keyboard every time you type a punctuation symbol. There are verb and tense errors like the first one in some of your other sentences too. Kindly be careful to avoid spelling mistakes while typing the words. You know that you have to type 'can' instead of 'cant' and 'of' instead of 'pf'. Such errors occur due to our carelessness in typing and because we do not want to revise what we have typed. Could you please correct these errors?

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    Hi Zanib,
    Try to long press on the icon or apps which you want to remove. There will be a recycle bin shown on the desktop. Just drag the icon or app which you want to remove and place it in the recycle bin. It is enough to remove.

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    Bharat is correct. To remove icons from desktop screen of your htc one v, you just need to long press on the particular icon and them drag it into the recycle bin.
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    @ Zanib Kahtoon: There is a lot of mistakes in your question. You should always write "I" in capital while referring yourself or using as any noun. The first letter of first word after full-stop (.) should always be in capital which you haven't done. And there are a lot of common mistakes. So, I want to say that try to improve your English while writing.

    Try doing as other members told because there solutions are absolutely correct for your query.

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