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    Article contest on Bluetooth headset reviews - Winner

    Dear Participants / Members,

    Thank you for being patient, as per our earlier announcement for "Article contest on Bluetooth headset reviews topic", find the winner and consolation winners as follow;

    The winner of the Best Article contest on the topic Bluetooth headset reviews topic Article award goes to this article:
    Top 5 cheapest bluetooth headsets below the price of Rs1000 / $20 review. The author of the article is Ankit.

    Best article is receiving a special cash reward of Rs 500 to the author.

    Consolation Prize winners:
    Cheap Bluetooth headsets available at online shopping websites. The author of the article is Muhammedaneez

    Best 5 bluetooth headsets below Rs.3000 in India for 2013. The author of the article is TEC Blogger

    Best Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets review. The author of the article is Lakshmi S

    Consolation Prize winner articles are receiving a special cash reward of Rs 250 to each author.

    Nice work from Tech members, thanks to all the participants in this contest and Congratulations to the Winner / Runners.

    Note: We are considering the articles for every contest which is in "New Submission" status too as long as it is submitted within contest time-frame or its deadline.
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    Thanks for the award Hafeez :) Congratulations to Lakshmi and TEC Blogger for winning the awards.

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    Thank you Hafeez for announcing the contest result and winners. Congradulation for all winners.
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    Congratulations to the Winner Ankit and consolation winners Muhammedaneez, TEC Blogger. Keep it up.

    Thanks to the editorial team for selecting me against consolation winner.

    Lakshmi Satish Kumar,

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    My hearty congratulations to all the winners of this contest. It is happy to see many members acheived prizes. Keep on contributing in all the contest and win more awards.

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    Many congratulations to the winners of this resource contest. I read the resource "Top 5 cheapest bluetooth headsets below the price of Rs1000 / $20 review" posted by Mr. Ankit. It was really an informative article and was best among all the other articles posted in this resource contest. I also read "Cheap Bluetooth headsets available at online shopping websites" by Mr. Muhammedaneez, "Best 5 bluetooth headsets below Rs.3000 in India for 2013" by Tec Blogger, and "Best Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets review" by Lakshmi mam. These articles were also good and knowledgeable but the winner article was better. This was a good article contest. Hope this will inspire new comers to write some good articles here and show their writing skills. They can also win these resource contest by writing good technological articles and can earn some extra money in quick time.

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    Thanks hafeez for the wonderfull post it's very use full for me, because I m searching Bluetooth device and the minimum price of the Bluetooth is 500

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    My hearty congratulations to the winner Ankit for his article on Top 5 cheapest bluetooth headsets below the price of Rs.1000 or $20. It requites a lot of search to be done on the web for getting the statistics and other information. Ankit must have spent a good time make this search and write the prize winning article on the subject. Hard work can always make you a winner and make you better known than others in the same field. He really deserved the prize winning amount of Rs.500 for his efforts.

    The others also must have done equally good work but there can be only one winner. However, to win a consolation prize in such contests is also a great achievement. So, my congratulations also to the consolation prize winners of Rs.250 each. Congratulations to Muhammedaneez for his article 'Cheap Bluetooth headsets', to TEC blooger for writing on 'Best 5 bluetooth headsets below Rs.3000 in India for 2013' and Lakshmi S for her prize winning article 'Best Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets review'

    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    @ Muhammedaneez: I have seen that you are a consolation winner for the contest "Article contest on Bluetooth headset reviews - Winner" and I have found one mistake in your response and that is you have written "Congradulation" instead of "Congratulation". I hope you will see your mistake and correct it soon.
    @ Akash deep: As you are a bronze and valuable member of this site, I would like to tell your common mistakes. You should have written "Hafeez" intead of "hafeez" and you should write "am" instead of "m". You should also put full-stop whenever a line ends. Hope you will correct your mistakes soon.

    My hearty congratulations to Ankit, Tec Blogger, Muhammedaneez, Lakshmi S for writing such good articles and contributing a lot of hard-work to this site. Hope they will continue their journey of writing more and more good articles.

    "But education is still important because it opens the mind and expands it. And if your years in school were bad or boring you can still educate yourself now."

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    hello Winnner

    My all best wish for you on winning this contest. keep post an earning more cash and rewards from the site.

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