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    About internet who discover

    What is internet and who discover it for what reason it has discover
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    It is a important part of is used for many think like chat,search,email,buy,sell

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    Internet is a system which can connect all the computers in the world to one another. The computer use the standard internet protocol TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). The TCP/IP makes it easy to provide end to end connectivity. It specifies how data should be formatted, transmitted, addressed and sent and received at the destination. This way Internet connections serve billions of people using computers connected to their internet connections provided by their internet service providers (ISP). This has brought about a revolution in the sphere of communication. Several millions of people now use internet for their private use in addition to its use by government, business houses, educational institutions, research, entertainment and for many other purposes.

    At the time of its birth on January 1, 1983, it was not known as internet but ARPANET, which is an acronym for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. Even the creators of ARPANET must never thought that there creation will spring its wings so fast and so wide when they switched over from Network Control Protocol (NCP) to Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol or TCP / IP. . The real impact of the internet, however, started only about 20 years ago when the WWW (World Wide Web) came into being on 6 August 1991. In fact, no one person can be attributed the title of the inventor of the internet. It has gradually developed from one state to another.

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    I don't know who discovered Internet but it is very important part of our life.

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    Internet is not invented by a single person but it is the work of group of people. Firstly internet is only used for official purposes. The first internet message was sent by Professor Leonard Kleinrock. The whole work in the invention of internet takes place University of California, Los Angeles also called silicon country of world. In 1982 the TCP/IP connection comes in the light that is currently used by the internet technology. Internet invention takes about fifty years for its establishment.

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    Now to this thread,
    I was also eager to know this answer, for the question "who discover internet" and finally I have got my answer from the responses mentioned above.
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