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    Regarding my PC's physical memory (RAM)

    Recently I upgraded my PC by adding 1 GB RAM in it. Now I have 3 GB RAM but when I open task manager (in performance section), it shows that total available memory is only 2 GB. So , please provide me with detailed suggestion on how to cope with this problem.
    Moreover, the RAM which I have addded is working fine and there is no other problem in my PC accept this one.
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    You have not mentioned which Windows Operating System you are using. Some of our RAM is used by the programmes which constantly run on our computer. In case you are using Windows XP then right click on the 'My Computer' icon on your desk top screen and click on the properties. Your computer property window that will open will display the memory of the RAM you are using in your computer along with other information.
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    There may be this problem with your PC that the RAM that you installed later is not installed correctly and there is only 2GB RAM in your PC which is working fine. You can check by going to Computer>then right click>properties. In the properties window you can check what is the memory of RAM installed in your computer. If that is 2GB then the new !GB RAM you installed later is not installed correctly and you need to install it correctly. And if it shows that RAM is 3GB then there is no problem. Your computer will work correctly with good speed. Do check it as mentioned by me and if any problem is there then let me know it again. There may be some other problem also.
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    @ Rajneesh: Thanks for your response but I think you have committed a mistake while writing it. I think you wanted to write "1" instead of "!".
    Rajneesh and Sukhdev Sir,
    I have 3GB RAM in my computer and my operating system is windows 7. When I open my task manager and go to performance tab it shows that my total memory is 3GB but available is only 2GB.
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    Hi Prashant,
    Some of the memory will be used by the applications. It will be in progress so that only it is not mentioning full memory size.

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    Thanks Bharath and other members for clearing my doubt.
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    Hello Prashant Dalal,

    The motherboard type should support 3 GB of RAM.

    I think that your motherboard does not support 3 GB of RAM. I too have Intel D102 GGC2 Motherboard and I have also installed 3GB of RAM with my PC. My motherboard supports only 2 GB of RAM in such a way that each RAM slot supports only 1GB of RAM. Hence, even If I insert 2GB RAM in one slot and 1GB in another RAM slot, it will show only 2GB of RAM at Computer properties.

    Therefore your 1GB of RAM will be unused all the time as the two RAM slots allow only 1GB of RAM. Now to make full use of 3GB RAM you will have to purchase a motherboard which will support 2 GB of RAM at each slot. But the cost of such motherboard is little bit higher than the motherboard we are using right now.

    If possible, get 1GB of RAM of same company at each slot so that you get optimum result. Installing 2GB of RAM on a RAM slot which supports only 1GB is never an good option because other GB of RAM will be unused at all the times.

    Have a nice day.

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    @ Pravin S: Thanks for your response but my motherboard supports upto 8 GB RAM and now I have solved this issue.

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    If everything is fine then the case may be:
    Our applications run constantly in the background without our knowledge(Whether windows or Android),There may be some applications which are heavy and running throughout. For more details do lemme know!

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    Prashant, there isn't any problem with your RAM, as you said it is showing total memory of 3gb as much you have installe. The term 'available memory' in task manager means the size of free memory of your total memory. And it is showing 2gb available memory means your system and other apps are currently using 1gb and 2gb more memory is available for use.
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    @ Kiran: You should write "installed" instead of "installe".
    Thanks for your responses and clearing my doubt.

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