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    Few tips for error free language usage in Techulator

    Dear friends,

    We very well know that Techulator is a site with tech niche. We have international audience for this site. English - the most used language in technical terminology is our site's language. The business model of the site runs revolving revenue from Google Adsense and other Ads displayed in this site. We, the members are mutually benefited once our site is also benefited.

    It is imperative that the site is mostly benefited by its members. So the members of this site including me, need to be more cautious before presenting the contents online. Here I wish to share few tips for error free language usage in this site.

    * Try to write simple sentences.
    * Break complex ideas or sentences into simple sentences.
    * Check the spelling of almost all words especially important words using a spell checker. Also you can use the services of freeware like Wordweb etc. available online.
    * Read more technological / technical articles connected with the subject you are currently writing on.
    * Familiarize yourself with keywords of the topic you are currently writing on.
    * Form a skeleton or idea about how to present a particular topic here.
    * If you feel particular sentence is not alright, do not hesitate to change it into simpler one.
    * Earning money is not a sin. You can go behind money and earn it. To earn some good amount from resources or other sections, you need to present high quality content which requires thorough filtering.
    * Once you write a topic, leave it for sometime. Then review it afresh, you will be astonished to notice many errors including the grammatical and spelling ones.
    * Try to post atleast one quality resource once in couple of days.
    * The more you read, the more you write, the more you write, the more you earn.
    * It is the quality that matters and not the quantity. Therefore, go through some quality contents in the web before submitting any content here.
    * Remember, we grow each day only by learning and not by remaining static.

    Some of the above tips may be of general in nature. I have tried to bring in my experience in this site in one capsule.

    Hope you will like it and try to follow some of the ideas putforth here.
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    Thank you very much mam for there imperative tips about writing any content in this great website. There tips surely work if we obey them in practical way. I will try my best to implemet there tips accurately in my all upcoming contents in techulator.

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    Good tips were provided by you. Really, those are very helpful to new members who concentrate on earning rather than contributing quality content. These tips are also helpful for me too. Hope I get success through your tips in future contribution.
    M Suman Kumar

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    Lakshmi ji,

    Thanks a lot for giving very useful tips for writing English. These tips will help most of the members of this website who want to write quality articles. I would like you to edit the second tip in your thread. The prepositions 'in' and 'to' used separately should be combined into one preposition 'into'. I am sure the error has crept up inadvertently. Kindly correct the sentence now.

    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    Thank you so much Sukhdev Singh Sir, for pointing out the typo error there. There was a space left inadvertently. Now, it stands corrected.
    Lakshmi Satish Kumar,

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    This post is very nice for beginners as it will help new members to write error free language in Techulator. I must say that all should use these tips for error free writing and obey these for better responses. These will also help some members for gaining good writing skills in English language. Thanks Lakshmi S for these tips and keep posting this type of threads to help this community.
    "But education is still important because it opens the mind and expands it. And if your years in school were bad or boring you can still educate yourself now."

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    Thank You Lakshmi ji for giving good article writing tips to the members of techulator. As a beginner this information is very much helpful for all of us. I will try to follow the steps provided by you while writing my articles and posts in forum. I have visited your profile and I saw how greatly in just one month of joining this site you have made a great contribution and now you are an editor. You are a good inspiration for new members like me.

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    Thanks a lot Lakshmi for providing a general checklist for making quality contributions at techulator. Even though many of us know these points, time and again they get ignored while making contributions in this site. Hence, it is a great thing to have the entire list formed by you above. Thanks once again!
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    Hi Mam,
    Thanks for giving this thread to us. It was really awesome one from you. All the members will be beneficial by this. Those who feel the articles are getting longer time to approve, this thread will explain to them everything.

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    Thank you Prashant, Rajneesh, Bhakti and Bharath for the compliments. If this thread has served some purpose, I will be happiest person.
    Lakshmi Satish Kumar,

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    Thank you Mam for providing such useful tips about error free writing. I hope this thread will help many to submit more quality posts in Techulator. Looking forward for more tips about posting.

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    Thank you so much for providing such a nice information about techualtor.

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    Hi Mam

    Thank you so much for proving such a nice information about the error. I hope this information will help us in articles section and prepare our self for better article.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    Thank you so much for such a nice information.I am going through a lot of technical reviews and forums, and trying my best to put up a good quality post.


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    This Information is very helpful for all member who don't know about It. As we know there are many problem which we face in all section of techulator.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice Information.

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