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    Ongoing Awards & Rewards in Techulator invites you to participate in our ongoing reward programs and earn cash rewards and prizes. We have several programs going on currently and we are adding many new programs regularly. Come and join us to take advantage of the genuine online revenue opportunities, which include monthly profit sharing.

    Here is a list of ongoing awards in

    1. Earn 90% AdSense revenue from your content: If you have a fully approved AdSense account, you can earn 90% AdSense revenue from your articles and other content in this site that comply with Google AdSense policies. Post great articles and 90% of the AdSense revenue is yours to keep.

    2. Pay Per Post: We pay cash rewards for almost any content you post in this site, including articles, forum responses (low cash benefits), Expert Answers, Product reviews and so on. Check out how much our members are earning in the form of cash rewards

    3. Help others by posting answers to the technical question. You will be paid cash rewards for each valid answer you post in our Ask Experts section. Read more...

    4. Popular Questions at Ask Experts - when your questions in the ask experts section reach 1000 organic visits within the first year of posting, your thread will get Rs 100 cash rewards. There is no limit on how many threads you can get this reward for. Keep asking good questions and earn rewards for all of them. you can request/claim the Rs 100 reward if any of your AE threads reached that level. You can periodically check the traffic in your threads and make a forum request for the claim. See some of the threads that have already received the bonus.

    5. We run article contests and give rewards for the winners, in addition to the cash and revenue earned for each article. Read more about article contests. Keep an eye on the forum to find the latest article contests.

    6. Member of The Week Award - Every week, we will select one member as the "Member of The Week" based on his overall contribution during the week. This award comes with Rs 250 cash credits and 50 special points.

    7. Member of The Month Award - Every month, we will select one member as the "Member of The Month" based on his overall contribution during the month. This award comes with Rs 500 cash credits and 50 special points.

    8. Refer your friends and earn revenue - when you refer your friends and they go higher up in member levels, you will keep getting referral bonus. The referral bonus can go up to Rs 750, depending on the member level your referral member achieves. (This is in addition to the multiple level earnings commission from referrals)

    9. Questions in Ask Experts section - All good questions in Ask Experts section will earn some cash rewards, along with good points.

    10. Super Contributor Awards - Top contributors of the Forum, Resources and Ask Experts section will be awarded every month.

    11. Multi Level Commission Program - When you refer members, you will earn a portion of their earnings as commission. Even, when your referral refer more friends, you will get a portion of their earnings too as second level commission.

    12. Interview the Bloggers, Publish and Earn rewards - You can interview popular bloggers and publish the interview here. We will select one interview every week and feature it in Techulator's home page. All interviews will be given good cash rewards and points.

    13. Giveaways - This is a new section where you can find many free Giveaways! So, don't waste time! Check it out...

    14. Content Writing opportunities: If you have excellent English and writing skills, you may join us as a content writer and work from home. We have a lot of requirements to write content in various sections of our site and we will pay according to your writing skills and volume of content you can write. Start participating in this site and contact us to discuss the opportunities.

    15. use affiliate links in your articles - Now you can use affiliate links in your articles. Some conditions apply.

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    Hi Tony sir,
    Thanks for making every awards and rewards program in a single thread. Good to see everything in a single thread. Soon waiting for the results of other contests.

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    Thanks for the compilation Tony Sir. I think this thread can be shared right across all social networking sites, so that others may get to know various contests and award programs of Techulator.

    I request other Techulator members including the admin people of this site to share this thread right across all the social networking websites they are connected with, which may bring good name and traffic to our site.

    Lakshmi Satish Kumar,

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    Hello Tony Sir,
    I am new to Techulator site, but I have been a consistent member at ISC. So, I hope to contribute quality articles here and learn more about the technology world. It is extremely encouraging to see numerous contests been conducted on a regular basis here. I am sure the above list will keep growing and so will the number of related articles and traffic.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    Hello Tony sir, This is nice list of all the running contest. Hope all the member will participate to get more and more points and cash. Also help techulator to emerge one of the best growing website of technological stuffs. Best of luck to all the participants in all running contests.
    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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    Thank you for awesome contests and rewards. Sure this is great opportunity to earn maximum revenue share in new year. Wish you all the best to all participant's.
    with best regards

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    Hello Tony Sir

    Thank for providing such nice opportunity in techulator. I ma member of ISc where I saw lot contest and awards like now you are starting in this site. I also request you please start certification award who can help us in our career and lot of people contribute in this places. So please start certification appreciation award like Dotnetspider.

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    Hello Mr. Tony,

    This is a wonderful information for members like me, who are able to visit this website occasionally due to their pre-occupation with the other websites. Thanks a lot for posting the information.

    "Teaching is my passion & sharing of knowledge is my motto"

    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    Thanks for this information regarding the active awards on Techulator. I think there is a slight mistake in the this award " Member of The Month Award - Every month, we will select one member as the "Member of The Month" based on his overall contribution during the week. This award comes with Rs 500 cash credits and 50 special points" which can lead to a big confusion. So, please replace the word 'week' with the 'month' to make it more clear to the new members.

    "For quitters never win, for winners never quit"
    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Tech lover

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    These awards are of great importance for everyone to earn some part-time money. I mus say that "Multi Level Commission Program" and "Good question award in ask expert section" is a boon to all the members. This will create more enthusiasm among the members to post good quality content in this website.
    "But education is still important because it opens the mind and expands it. And if your years in school were bad or boring you can still educate yourself now."

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    Thank you Tony sir for putting the list of all the awards together. Now everyone can see the list of awards and award programs which are currently running in techulator. I am a new member and I am trying to win the member of the week award first.

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    Thank you so much Tony for awareness about running contest in techualtor.
    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    It's just wonderful Sir!
    I always wanted to work for such type of sites. Though I work for ISC I would like to give my best for this site. I have opted for CSE branch, so I think this site will help me in improving technical as well as practical knowledge.

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    We have updated the Member of the Month content to change the term "week" to "month". Thanks for pointing it out!

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    Hello tony sir,
    Thanks for updating the the active rewards in the techlator. It is just wonderful and very helpful for the new techulator members. It is very helpful information for those who recently joined the techulator like me. I also joined the techulator recently and this thread helped me to get updated about the new active and expired rewards in techulator. Thank you tony sir for awareness about running contest in techulator. I am also actively took participate in the ongoing rewards in the techulator. This thread will provide more information to the techulator members how to contribute in techulator to post quality contents and ongoing rewards in the techulator.

    With Regards
    Amit Singh

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