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    How to get good traffic and better revenue for your resources in MWC

    Earning revenue by posting content online require something more than basic writing skills. Here is some of the key points which could help in earning a better revenue from online content:

    Choose the topic that people search for.

    I have seen some members posting large articles filled with lot of information. However, they hardly make any revenue from those. The reason is, those articles are great, but not many people are searching for them.

    For example, an article about 'How to change screensaver in Windows 7' may make 100 times more revenue than high quality article on 'How Windows 7 kernel works'. The reason is, there are so many people searching in internet for basic things, but not many are looking for advanced, sophisticated topics.

    You will make advertising revenue only when people find your articles and click on the Google Ads in your pages.

    So, the primay key to success here is, write simple articles on topics that are commonly search by lot of people.

    Use keywords properly

    How do people find your article in internet? 90% of the people find their stuff in internet by searching in popular search engines like Google. So, the key to get high traffic to your posts is to have your articles listed in search engines when people search for specific keywords.

    There could be 100s of articles in the internet on the same topic. How would Google decide which one to display in the top? They have a very sophisticated algorithm to rank each and every webpage and choose which one to display in the top of the search results for each keyword/phrase. Some of the factors that determine which articles will be displayed in thet top of search results are:

    1. The title of the resource (the searched keywords should be part of the title)

    2. Use of keywords in the summary

    3. Use of keywords in the description

    The keywords should be used in a meangful fashion within the title, summary and description.

    It is a good idea to make the keywords in bold using the <B> tag.

    If you simply the repeat keywords several times in a resource, Google will detect it as an attempt to cheat their systems and your resource may not even appear in the results.

    Use proper headings

    Google consider the heading as an important factor. It is important to organize your article into multiple paragraphs with proper headings. Remember to include the most searched keywords in the headings in a meaningful fashion.

    You may use the following HTML tags to make headings in your resources:

    Post articles about common computer problems and solutions

    Computer problems and solutions are one of the most searched topics in internet. You may visit other popular Windows/computer forums and look for problems others are reporting. Then search for their solutions as well. The next step is, compose the problem and multiple solutions as an article. Spend some time to organize them in to paragraphs highlightting the keywords. Then post it as a resource in MyWindowsclub.

    When you post such articles, remember to use the problem definition (error message) as the title since most people search in internet by cop pasting exact error message. Also, provide a good summary with the error message and a possible solution in the summary.
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    Thanks for this valuable information. Members will definately follow this and get good traffic from MWC as well as adsense.
    With Regards,


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    Dear Mr.Tony,

    A nice thread to all members, so as to make their Resources in a grand fashion and to reap good Cash Credits, Adsense Revenue too.

    Thank you for the nice presentation!

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    I will try to follow all the guidelines told by you. Yes, It will surely increase the traffic on our resources. Thank you for sharing the Facts.

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    Nice information given by Tony. All the members should follow these guidelines and they will get good revenue from Google Adsense. I am sure all of you will follow these guidelines and get good adsense revenue. I am getting good adsense revenue by using the correct keywords in my articles.


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    Hello Tony sir,
    I posted good articles which are common problems and need for computer users.

    Best of luck

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