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    Article submission guidelines

    Dear members,

    We have been receiving a large number of articles and many of them are with very shallow content. Many authors simply type the article and move on to the next without doing any review by themselves.

    Typically, you are expected to read your own article atleast 3 times and make lot of fine tuning before it can be submitted to us for review. Considering your efforts, we have been approving many of them and we were paying language editors to correct all mistakes in the articles.

    Starting from today, we will be strictly enforcing the following rules:

    1. Do not post very shallow articles like "Best gadgets for for your kitchen" and mention just 2 or 3 products in it. Instead, do proper research and come up with a good number of products in the article.

    2. When you post product specification, always check if the same product spec is already posted as a resource. We will not allow more than one product spec article per product.

    3. Make sure you read your article 2-3 times and tune all sentences and improve the language quality.

    4. Use browsers like Google Chrome which has built-in spell check feature. Always check for spelling errors and correct yourself. If we see spelling errors, we will conclude you have not done any basic checking on your article and it may be rejected.

    5. Going forward, we will reject more articles instead of repeatedly telling to make corrections.

    7. If you write on saturated topics like "What is bluetooth", "What is WiFi" etc, they should be really comprehensive article so that it will be more valuable than 1000s of other existing articles on the same subject.

    8. Especially in Article contests, keep an eye on the entries and do not post article on same topic again and again. For example we have received a lot of entries of Best Bluetooth headsets or Cheap and best 3G WiFi routers. From now on we will not accept more than 2 entries on the same exact topic.

    9. Avoid calling any company as the "best company" and any product as the "best product" or "worst product". Instead, use the words like "one of the best", "Not very good" etc.
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    Thank you Tony sir for amouncing the article posting guidelines. All members will try to keep on the track and to submit good articles.
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    Hello Tony Sir,

    That was a nice and strict announcement. I do expect such guidelines so that good authors are paid straight away. But be kind to members Sir, as sometimes we commit silly mistakes and therefore be generous to point out silly mistakes from our side. Ofcourse, you can ignore repeated offenders in resources and act strictly on them.

    Thank you sir.

    Lakshmi Satish Kumar,

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    Hello sir,

    But some how if two member simultaneously post Same then?

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    Thank you for the guidelines sir.
    Iam new to this site. Can i participate in article contest..?

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    That's why it is written that at most 2 such articles will be allowed. In ideal case you should not write another article if one if already existing but if there are simultaneous postings then there will still be only 2 articles, not more.

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    @Arjun: In Techulator all the contests are open to all members irrespective of their member status. So you can participate any number of contests before the mentioned due dates.
    Lakshmi Satish Kumar,

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    Hello Tony sir,
    Thanks a lot for your great effort in clearing the basic doubts of posting articles here in this site. This detailed thread have been helping the members tremendously in understanding the posting guidelines. Especially it has become more worthy for me as I am newbie to this family. So, thank you once again for this help.


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    Hi Tony sir,
    Thanks for providing this guidelines. It was more helpful for me and for all the members.

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    Thank you very much sir for the article posting guidelines. These guidelines helping us to write error free articles.

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    Thank you for updated guidelines for writing/posting articles in resources section. This guidelines are most important to create valuable and unique content. Yes I had posted some repeated entry's and low quality content and many of them corrected or rejected. But now I will follow the guidelines as given above.
    with best regards

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    Thanks Mr. Tony for the guidelines for writing articles for this website. As far as possible, I always revise my articles after writing the same and I also advise others to do the same. There are many errors which are committed inadvertently and which can be corrected easily by revising our text.
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    Sukhdev Singh
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    Tony sir,

    Thank you for the guidelines sir. I will always check my article 3-4 times, whether it was correct or not. I used to write articles in 'MS Word' and I use 'check spelling and grammar' option to correct the spellings which are due to typing errors. I will also try to avoid repetition of topics.

    Editor in ISC.
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    Thanks for this information. Kindly review my recently submitted article to encourage me for more and more contributions in the form of resources in this section.

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    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
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    Thanks for these valuable tips. This will help new as well as old members to help eradicate their common mistakes while writing articles. But one thing I must say about the articles is that they are reviewed very late sometimes even extending to 15 or more days which creates a feeling of frustration among authors. It is my request to editors/webmasters to eradicate this problem as soon as possible.
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    I have seen that the authors have given direct links to external websites, especially to the official websites of the manufacturers of projects when they have written on certain products. May I know when and how these links can be given. I know how to give an internal link to our resource article, but so far I have not given any external link in any one of my resource articles either at India Study Channel or at Techulator. I only give the url of the website pages. Kindly guide me how to give the direct external link to a website if it is allowed at Techulator. Is it better to give the url of the website or the direct external link?
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    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor & Platinum Member at ISC

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    Well you have asked a good question Sukhdev ji. Let me give a shot to answer the query asked by you. We might come across, also providing external links in our articles. Then we have to use the NoFollow HTML tags in this particular case to not loose the juice of a search engine. Here below is the format of an external link using nofollow.

    <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>

    However, webmaster would give the comprehensive and exact answer to this issue. I am also looking forward for his reply. Hopefully, he should give a clear reply with a forum thread or an article.

    M Suman Kumar

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    We strongly discourage external links except when it is absolutely necessary to link to official page of the topic you are writing on. Linking to own blogs and websites are strictly not allowed. Linking to other sites with the purpose of promoting the other site is also not allowed.

    When you link to external sites, you should use rel="nofollow" and target="_blank"


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    Thank you Tony sir for making some rules clear to our members. It will indeed improve the quality of articles as well as techulator too. We, as members need to follow each and every rule so that we can reduce some burden from our respected resource editors. By helping techulator by good quality genuine article, site reputation will also buildup automatically.
    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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    Thank you so much for providing such nice Information about our articles. I also read my articles before posting in that section.

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    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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