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    Are some computer games bad for children?"

    Please share your views in detail.

    K Mohan
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    Hello K Mohan,
    I am totally against video games for children. Children needs healthy games like outdoor games-cricket,football and tennis is best for them.

    Now a days computer games are catching the attention of small school going children.What that game called counter strike. Yes,because of those games the craze of playing outdoor games are reduced.

    Parents should encourage their children to play outdoor or go for summing. That's the best idea. If they want to play then time should be set for them, 1 hr is enough for video games.

    Best of luck


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    Hello K Mohan,
    I think you have raise a good question and my answer is in the question itself.

    Not some but there are so many types of computer games which are not good for the small childrens like big mission games and big tournament games. These types of games needs so much time and this is not good for the childrens as they have to do lot of other things everyday like school homework, outdoor games which are also very much necessary for them. And these big and time consuming games makes the childrens involved in the game totally and the children forget about other things they should do.

    So, I think the parents should provide their children small games as this is also a entertainment source and there should a time limit for this also.


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    Thanks Pamela for sharing this great concern.

    I too have two kids and i always refrain them from playing games on computers.

    Playing phsically is always a good excercise.

    Moreover the characters in computer games are being aped by our children and they even demand the costumes of that character and where can i go for it.

    K Mohan

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    Hai Darshan

    Thanks for responding and supporting my point of view.

    Children are most sensitive and they can adopt to any characaters fast.

    And our games characters are very dangerous.

    I advise all the chidren not to go for computer games instead go out and play on the field.

    K Mohan

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    Hi K.Mohan,

    You are right that games are spoiling the children. Because most of the games contains violation, blood, fight etc. So, its better for the parents to stop their children for playing the games. These games makes a bad effect on children.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    I do think that computer games waste a lot of time of children and outdoor games which involve physical work are more preferrable.

    Children get addicted to computer games which hampers their studies.

    Krishna Verma

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    Really it is an important topic to discuss.

    It is a bad idea to encourage children to play computer games all the time.

    The out door games should be encouraged..

    It is the responsibility of elders to take care about playing computer games,instead they can encourage to read story books,puzzles etc....

    These days children are becoming addicted to games....try to avoid them

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    Dear Mr.Mohan,

    Well, I think your question itself is partial. You have asked "Are some computer games bad for children?" You mean to say there are some Computer games which does good for Children. I do not believe in this. I think no Computer games does good to any Children except improving their reflexes and damaging their eyes. The mind of Children is at learning stage and they can even learn more than 3 languages at this stage. But see, how the Computer games damages their brighter prospects to just a slave before the Computers spending mindless hours to gain nothing. It makes our brain a stand still and it blocks our brain's activities like lateral thinking etc. Therefore, my dear children, do not go for Computer games instead go for some outdoor games which may improve your health and brain a lot. Please tell this to your local children where you are the Secretary of the Association.

    My best wishes.

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    Prashant ,Krisna Verma, Krishnaveni and Satish Kumar.

    Thanks for your responses.

    In nut shell all the members agree that computers games do pose danger to the children study and their minds too.

    K Mohan

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    as long as it is not addictive it should not be a problem, unfortunately if game is not addictive it is not an interesting game. so take care of your child health by teaching him how to schedule his time in front of computer. when he/she learns how to use time, he/she will not waste the time but will use it properly.

    some modern games are more violent, it will affect your child's character, attitude. there is a high chance of getting arrogance.

    i would suggest a game chess, very addictive game. if he/she can have control over this game. He/she is fit to sit in front of computer for playing games.

    if they prolong beyond their schedule they are failing in time management. which is not a good sign. you need to explain them the importance of time.

    i hope this would be useful to you

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    Fashee thanks for coming with good reply.

    Yes Children tends to prolong their presense at the computer when they play the games.

    Some of the games are repetedly played especially those concerned with voilence.

    Yes we must take care of our kids from over addiction of games.

    K Mohan

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