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    How to write the name on START Button ?

    Hello Friends,

    I want to know that how can i write my own name on START Button ?
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    You can do that by editing Explorer.exe file. You might also need a software like 'Resource hacker'(free utility) to make your task easy. Also be sure to make a backup of explorer.exe file and store it in some other file. Now to begin about changing that boring Start button:

    1. Locate the Explorer.exe file in C:\Windows and create a backup copy. Now access the original file from Resource hacker.
    Locate category String Table and then navigate to 37 and then 1033. (People using classic layout can use 38 instead of 37).
    The Right pane will display the code of the stringtable. Modify item 578, which is showing "Start". Change the text Start to the desired text (Do no remove the quotes before and after "Start" text)
    Your text should finally look as below:
    578, "MyWindowsClub"
    Now click Compile Script tab above the code pane. Once done, save this new file using Save As command and NOT Save.
    Save the file in C:\Windows\inf directory.

    2. To modify the registry, go to Start>Run and type Regedit
    Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\ Winlogon
    Locate Shell in the right pane and double click to change it value. Now change value data to inf/explorer.exe

    Close the regisrty and reboot your system and you should see your name in place of 'Start'.

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    Thanks Sammena

    You gave a good reply for Prashant querry.

    Even i clould able to follow your instructions.

    Good work.

    K Mohan

    The '''Cheer Leader ''' of this site

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    Hi Sameena,

    I would say it is a very good and very useful reply for Prashant's reply and now even I will be able to use the advice, so nicely written, thumbs up for you!

    With Regards,
    Ankit Das

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    Hi Sameena,

    Thanks a lot for replying my thread. It's really an imagine. Thanks a lot giving me the step by step points for adding the name on the START BUTTON. This is really going to help all the users of this website. Because everybody want to write their name on the start button.

    May be even somebody don't know about this feature also. What is this website is doing ? Thsi is the main obeject of this website. To provide the knowledge to its users. Thanks once again for giving the perfect reply of this question.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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