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    Member Referral Program

    Dear friends of MWC!

    We are launching a Member Referral Program

    We will pay you some referral money when you invite your friends and they join using your referral link. Here is the payment details:

    Rs 1: When the referred member completes registration and validate email id.
    Rs 10: When the referred member reach SILVER level
    Rs 100: When the referred member reach GOLD level
    Rs 250: When the referred member reach DIAMOND level
    Rs 500: When the referred member reach PLATINUM level


    1. You will get the referral amount only if your friends join MWC by using the link given in If they come to MWC directly to register or if they do not use the referral link given, we will not be able to identify them as your referral.

    2. If you send your referral link to your friend by email and they visit MWC by clicking on that link, our system will remember them as your referral only until they close the browser. If they navigate few pages and then register, you will still get the credits. However, if they close the browser, visit MWC directly again and register, you will not get the credits.

    3. You must be in a equal or higher level to receive bonus for a specific level. For example, if you are GOLD level member, you can receive only up to GOLD level referral bonus. Even if your referred person becomes DIAMOND level, you will get only GOLD level referral bonus.

    4. Using any kind of spamming, scripting or illegal activities to earn extra referral bonus are not allowed.

    The best way to invite your friends is to send email from your own email id rather than using our "Invite Friends" feature. Since 1000s of members send 100s of invitations from our site, many email providers may consider our invitations as SPAM. So, send the referral link from your personal mail id with a personal message to all your friends.

    We will deal very strictly with fake accounts. You may earn some money initially, but we will catch such accounts at the time of payment.

    You can track your referrals here:

    * Referral bonuses are NOT cumulative. This means, the maximum you can earn from a single referral is Rs 500.

    * If your referral member lose a level, you will lose the bonus except for Diamond and Platinum levels. If the members in the top 2 levels lose their level, you will not lose the bonus.
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    really motivating stuff...great idea to promote...

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    That would really work. And it is rocking idea. After all one is getting referral share for doing the nice work of spreading the information about the website with friends.

    I would really like to make my all friends inform about the launching of the website. And I would ask them to join the Windows World.

    Nice idea. Just keep posting such nice inspirational things more on the website.

    My one suggestion why not something grand contest or prize or something just in occasion of launching of Website which can be remember by members of the website forever. However it is only suggestive.

    Vikram Singh Saini


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    Dear Mr.Tony,

    Thanks for giving us such an earning full feature. This will really help us to earn a lot from this website. But not only this even it this way this website also gets the new users. Through this feature i will try to get my friends on this website. I want them to join this website and learn something good from this website and i will also try to share the knowledge to all the users through this website.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Hello tony sir,

    A nice idea to promote Mywindows club in its initials stages.This will certainly increse the number of members on this site who can contribute more and more content here.

    Those who have not joined this site yet can join it using my refferal link.I shall be highly thankful. Here is the link
    Click here to join

    Thanks in advance

    Krishna Verma

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    Hello Tony Sir,

    A very nice initiative to increase traffic from the members by inviting people to the new site. This will certainly improve the traffic of the site and surely the site ranking, traffic and revenue and members who invite friends please make sure that you make them aware how to post in this site or else they will be confused and start spamming the site.

    With Regards,
    Ankit Das

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    Hello Tony sir,
    Its a brilliant idea.Very nice.This will increase new member in My Windows Club.There will be more additional income by any member who invites.

    Best of luck

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    Dear Mr.Tony,

    Well, For any successful Website, the members are the foundation stone and you have clearly understood this aspect because of your expertise and experience in this field. This is the right stage that all members enters to this Competition. Because, as the site grows, the members now join will reach levels like GOLD, DIAMOND & PLATINUM and the referral member is sure gain from it. Hope this referral program will stand extended so as to gain maximum number of members dedicated to this site.

    All the best!

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    This Referral Program will help this site to get more members and also the members who will refer will earn some money. Thank you Tony Sir for starting this program.

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    It is a great program to make money online.everybody is going to make money by refering other people.I have added a link on my website to refer to

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    Great idea by Tony. This would bring good amount of new members as well as a part time earning for members.

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