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    New article contest for Holidays - Online Shopping Experience

    Our article contest on 3G WI-FI routers has come to an end and we will have the winners announced soon.

    Here is another contest for the holidays!

    Write your shopping experience with any online shop in India or abroad and get great cash rewards and prizes.

    You may write it as a shopping site review, in the form of an article. Each review must be atleast 400 words.

    - Include your own experience as well as some high level overview of how the site works.

    - Mention what kind of deals and specials the site offers

    - How good is the customer support

    - What is the return policy

    - What products you bought (link to corresponding articles/product pages in Techulator)

    Prizes & Rewards

    All quality articles participating in this contest will get high cash credits, compared to other regular articles.

    Best article will receive a special cash reward of Rs 1000

    Up to 5 consolation prizes will be given which will get Rs 250 each

    All entries are eligible for 90% AdSense revenue share

    The high points earned from quality resources will increase your share of monthly revenue share

    The topics mentioned here are hot topics and could fetch lot of traffic. If your article become the highest traffic article of the month, you will get the special Top Traffic Award as well

    Last date tosubmit articles: 10 Jan 2013

    UPDATE: Winners of this contest is announced here
  • #11394
    My entry

    eBay shopping experience


  • #11395
    Great contest Tony
    Live life Fully and stay healthy!!

  • #11396
    Snap it. The great Shopping experience review contest 2012 and I'm glad to hear that prizes and awards...!!!




  • #11398
    Sir, you did not mention the last date. When is it?

  • #11399
    Hi Sir,

    Thank you for providing us the opportunity for taking part in the contest and sir please do mention the last date for this contest so that we can make a fast upload for this contest.

    Thank You,

    Neeraj Moudgil

  • #11400
    Hi sir,

    It was great to hear from you that,you have again started a shopping spree contest,it would be great for we new learners to learn and some buck.

    Thank You,

    Nitendra Shukla

  • #11408
    Very nice contest on Shopping Experience for online shopping. Hope members will participate actively and provide excellent articles and get good traffic to their articles.


  • #11409
    I have added my experience at Flipkart
    Live life Fully and stay healthy!!

  • #11410
    Thanks for the new contest! Looking forward to participate in it

  • #11432
    Hi Tony sir,
    Thanks for proving one more holiday contest for all the members. It was quite great to get back to back contests in techulator. It gives sharing experience in this site.

  • #11458
    It's good to hear again about contests like this
    I have added my experience

  • #11466
    First of all i need to thank you for such a contest, here is my contribution for this contest:

    Online Shopping experience on Snapdeal


  • #11500
    A very good topic. This topic is very helpful for me because I am a person who always buy though online. Dear Tony sir I didnt find the last date for the submission so please update it.
    Sharing is Caring

  • #11508
    Here is MY ENTRY for the contest.
    Sharing is Caring

  • #11517
    Hello Sir,

    Here is my entry for the contest.

    Thank You,

    Neeraj Moudgil

  • #11532
    Hello Sir,

    This is my second entry:

    Online shopping experience on Jabong


  • #11535
    Respected Tony sir,
    How many entrys are allowed for each person. Can I write more than one article and provide the link here for the contest?

    Sharing is Caring

  • #11636
    This is My Entry for the contest.

  • #11643
    Here is my Second Entry for the contest.
    Sharing is Caring

  • #11647
    here is the entry for my contest

  • #11664
    My entry to the contest "Online Shopping Experience" has been submitted. Here is the link to my article
    My shopping experience with Flipkart

  • #11746
    Is it fine to mention the url of the online shopping websites that are being written about in the articles? Will it not act against the resource posting guidelines of techulator? I ask this especially for articles that contain reference to more than one website?
    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

  • #11769
    Here is a link to the first of my entries for this contest. I hope to submit some more.

    Top 5 online stores to shop at from India

    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

  • #11873
    Hello sir, Please find my entry for the contest. I posted my online shopping experience at
    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • #11878
    Hello Sir,
    Here's my entry for the contest - Flipkart – Hassle-free and reliable online shopping site
    or here's the link -
    Simon George

  • #11880
    Hello Sir,
    My entry for Online Shopping Experience contest Online Shopping Experience at

  • #11888
    Hello Tony John,

    Sir here is a link of my review reads the online shopping experience of

    Open the link to see my article:


  • #11890
    Here is my THIRD ENTRY for the contest.
    Sharing is Caring

  • #11899
    My contest entry,
    Top and cheap online shopping sites for middle class Indians

    Ganesh Babu.S

  • #12269
    Hello Tony sir,
    When This contest's result will be declared? We are eager to know the result and also this will be a motivational stuff for next contests too.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • #12302
    Tony sir please announce the results as early as possible. We are waiting for the results.
    Sharing is Caring

  • #12369
    Dear all,

    We are shortlisting your entries, Contest result will be announced soon. Trusting your support as usual.

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