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    Q & A. on Forum Threads !

    Dear members,

    I wish to present you with a Question & Answer Session on Forum Threads:

    1. What is the purpose behind a thread?

    2. How a thread stays high in the traffic among other threads?

    3. How members interest are evoked in replying threads?

    4. When will the threads be closed? and

    5. When a thread matures for deletion?

    1. The purpose of a thread lies in having an interaction with all members of the Website on a particular given subject and of course, to clear doubts if any regarding any subject related with that particular website / content.

    2. When a thread contains interesting subject as per the opinions of other members, then that thread gets more responses and floats high among other threads with more number of responses.

    3. This matter cannot be judged because each member has his own area of interest and he prefers to respond only to such threads which may suit his interests. Therefore, we cannot find fault with others if they are not in a position to respond our threads. If you got any expert to answer your queries, then you get reply otherwise you draw a blank.

    4. A thread will be closed at the first instance, if the author of the thread has received sufficient number of responses to his / her queries and cleared of his/her doubts. If a thread has become relatively old, like for instance 20 days old and has not received any or so much response, then also those threads are closed for the fear pulling up of old threads by some naughty members which may push back new threads. It should be appreciated that there should be an end to everything, thats what happens in the case of threads also.

    5. It is very clear when it violates any of the policies of MWC, then such threads merits deletion, no doubt about it. This will be sternly dealt with.

    Hope this gives a proper understanding about Forum Threads to all the members, still if you have any query you may post the same as your response here or as a separate thread.

    Let us join hands to make MWC a great technical Website.
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    Dear Satish Kumar,

    Thanks for giving such useful information. I hope it will clarify the doubts of all the members regarding forum issues. These rules also applies to all the sections. Thanks again.

    Abhisek Panda
    Be Happy and Make Others also Happy
    Go Green and Save [Y]our Future.

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    Dear Satish Kumar,
    It is a good Rule,Thanks for this.


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    Good to share the rules...hope all members follows this rules...

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    Hello Satish Sir,
    You have given very nice suggestions which will guide the members of to post in forum section.

    Krishna Verma

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    Hi Satish,

    Thanks for explaining the purpose of the the forum section. I think this is very important for an user to the purpose of the forum section. What is the use of the thread ? why users reply those thread ? when it will be closed ? These are some questions that every user should know about it. Thanks a lot for giving such an important information.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Hai Satish Kumar

    The importance of thread postings was well explained beyond the doubts.

    Hope all the members do follow it.

    K Mohan

    The '''Cheer Leader ''' of this site

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