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    Article contest on 3G Wi-Fi Router topics (Extended until Dec 20)

    This contest is extended until Dec 20, 2012

    Dear friends,

    It has been a while since we had any article contests. We are back with some contests for the holiday season.

    Here is an article contest. Write articles on topics related to 3G Wi-Fi Hotspot/Routers and win prizes.

    You may write on individual portable 3G Wifi devices as a spec reviews or compare 2 products based on the specs. Also, you could choose general topics like:

    Which is the best 3G Wi-Fi router in India
    Which is the cheapest 3G Wi-Fi router in India
    Compare portable 3G Wi-Fi routers
    Best prepaid data plans for 3G Wi-Fi in India
    Prepaid or post paid - which is better for 3G Wi-Fi
    Advantages of 3G Wi-Fi hub over tethering from the phone
    3G Wi-Fi hub with dual SIM capability
    Best deals for Tata Photon Wi-Fi Hub
    Best pocket wireless routers in India

    Feel free to come up with more creative topics.

    No limits on how many articles each person can post. However, in case of specific product reviews, we accept only a maximum of 2 articles per product. For example, if you are writing specifically on Tata Photon Wi-Fi Hub device, we allow only 2 articles on that specific topic. However, you can write articles on comparing it with other similar devices giving a unique nature to your article. (We are trying to avoid duplicate articles on very similar topics)

    How to get started:
    Spend a few days learning more about the 3G Wi-Fi devices in India. Read the specification and do a comparative study. Then start posting articles. As on as you post the article, submit a link to your article as a response below this thread.

    Only if you submit the link below, you article will be counted for the contest.

    Last date to submit the article is 15 Dec 2012 20 Dec 2012


  • All quality articles participating in this contest will get high cash credits, compared to other regular articles.

  • Best article will receive a special cash reward of Rs 1000

  • Up to 5 consolation prizes will be given which will get Rs 250 each

  • All entries are eligible for 90% AdSense revenue share

  • The high points earned from quality resources will increase your share of monthly revenue share

  • The topics mentioned here are hot topics and could fetch lot of traffic. If your article become the highest traffic article of the month, you will get the special Top Traffic Award as well

  • (Remember we do not allow any kind of plagiarism and we accept only high quality, unique articles.)

    UPDATE: Winners of this contest is announced here
  • #11153
    here is the entry to my contest Micromax MMX400r Portable 3G WiFi Hotspot Router
    regards and thanks

  • #11155
    Here is my article-What more to do with Wi-Fi



  • #11156
    Here is my entry


  • #11159
    Here is my entry .

  • #11160
    Hello Sir,

    This is my article about Wi-Fi technology- Wi-Fi Technology - What is it & How it Works?.


    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

  • #11161
    Hello sir,
    Here is my entry :-

    sirash khan

  • #11166
    Here is another entry for the competition .

  • #11167
    Hi Tony sir

    Here is my entry

    Wanted to make some milestones and achievements
    Rupesh kumar

  • #11171
    Ranjan, Priyabrata,
    Your entries are not valid.
    First of all the contest is about product routers and not WiFi technology and secondly articles should be posted within the contest time frame, not earlier not later.

  • #11172
    Here is my another entry


  • #11175
    Kindly Accept my entry to the contest.
    My Entry

    Abdul Rahman.

    Abdul Rahman

  • #11178
    Hi Tony,

    I have posted a entry for the contest on the topic Hands on Experience Review of Micromax MMX 400R wireless Router

  • #11181
    Here is my second article for this Contest.
    My Entry 2

    Abdul Rahman.

    Abdul Rahman

  • #11182

  • #11183
    Hello Sir,

    Here is my Entry (

  • #11184
    Hi Tony,

    Please find my article here for the contest

    Best Wi-Fi Routers India


  • #11188
    Another Article for the Contest.
    My Entry 3

    Abdul Rahman

  • #11211
    Can we write reviews on WiFi Routers that are released some months back, like February or January 2011?
    Abdul Rahman

  • #11213
    here is my entry for this contest.


  • #11216
    My Entry4
    My Entry5
    My Entry6
    My Entry7
    My Entry8
    My Entry9
    My Entry10
    My Entry11

    Abdul Rahman

  • #11220
    Here is my entry for the contest Winknet Mf50 3G Wireless Pocket Router- Review

  • #11225
    Sir, here is my article

  • #11240

    Below are my articles for the contest.

    1) Top 5 budget 3G Wi-Fi routers in India
    2) Features and price of Edimax 3G WiFi router in India
    3) Features and price of LAVA portable pocket wireless router W150 in India


  • #11254
    Hello Sir,
    My entry for the contest - Top 5 best Wi-Fi routers in India for home and office use

  • #11258
    Sir, it is my article for the contest.

  • #11259
    Another entry

  • #11260

    Sir its my entry for the competition.

  • #11262
    another entry

  • #11263
    Here is My entry
    Best 3G Wi-Fi routers

  • #11264
    Here is the link to my entry -

    Review of the Tata Photon Pocket Wi-Fi Router

    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

  • #11270
    Here is my third entry
    EDIMAX 3G-6200N VS EDIMAX 3G-6210N


  • #11293
    Tony sir,
    here is my entry for the contest

    This is my first contest,since i am a tyro right now.

    With due regards

    Nitendra Shukla

  • #11294
    Netgear Wireless Modem Price List

  • #11328

    tony sir here is my entry to contest


    nitendra shukla

  • #11345
    Hi Sir.

    I was very much knee to participate in this contest which was conducted by you but i failed to post the related articles because my previous articles are still in pending status. I was expecting that the editors of Techulator will review my article withing 3 to 4 days but that didn't happen. It is OK. Maybe next time when you will conduct any contest in near future I hope I will be able to participate and I will not face same problem like this.

    Thank You,

    Neeraj Moudgil

  • #11357
    My second entry - Netgear WGR614 Wireless N 150 - Best home router in India

  • #11368
    Hi Tony Sir,

    Here is my entry for the contest.

  • #11377
    Here is my next entry.


  • #11387
    Hi Sir,
    Here is my second entry of the contest

  • #11391
    Hello Tony Sir,

    Thank You for announcing such a beautiful Resource contest. I was very much thrilled with the topic of 3G Wi-Fi Routers in India.

    Please consider my entry to the contest:

    Best 3G Wi-Fi Routers - Full Technical guide, specs, comparisons and feature prospectus

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sashwato Chatterjee

    Thanks and Regards,

  • #11455
    This is a nice contest. I hope now the winners will be announced by Tony.


  • #11583
    Had seen a lot of great articles in this contest and hope the winners will be announced soon by the team. Hope we all will hear a good news in this new year! :)

  • #11619
    All the members of Techulator have given great effort for this contest. I hope the winner will be announced soon and their hard work will pay off.
    Thank You,

    Neeraj Moudgil

  • #11629
    Yes, contest resources are under review to select the winner, kindly allow us to take little time/day for this. Thanks to all the members who have participated in this contest, wish you all good luck for the upcoming result announcement.

  • #11713
    Dear Contestants/Participants,

    Thanks for your patience, apologize for the delay in announcing the Winner/s. We will announce the winner within 24 hours or maximum by 7th Jan 2013.

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