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    Discuss: Which Operating System do you like?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Which Operating System do you like?'.

    Microsoft has always been a leader in the Operating Systems from decades. With many open Operating systems available Linux, Unix. Still Windows is the most used Operating systems.

    With Apple, coming with the new Operating system, new features and many more add on for their Mac OS X Leopard it has also jump in the league of Operating System.

    Now we see Google with Google Chrome OS and also Android for its mobile application has increased the competition in the field of Operating System.

    With Windows 7 now in market and gaining popularity.

    Which operating system will you still prefer.
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    operating systems is based on your work type.
    for company's use linux is the best.
    there are many types linux operating systems available on market.

    linux is also having a good virus protection.
    windows xp is a good for home uses.

    and windows 7 is best for home uses.

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    Hi Tech Guy,

    I like Windows XP. Because it is easy to use rather then Windows Vista and Windows 7. The most important information is that the minimum requirement of Windows XP is not so much as others. Any person can install the Windows XP in the normal computer. But for Vista & windows 7 the minimum requirement is higher.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Hello there,

    I like Windows XP because it is very user friendly and very simple with a support for most of the software that are being released today, it can be easily installed in any computer you want which has a very low configuration too.

    But I use Windows 7, because I find it very easy and user friendly too and very modern looking which has a very wide range of support for software and has very fast and fluid menus with a little high cost on market still the popularity of Windows 7 is ever increasing,

    With Regards,
    Ankit Das

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    I have only used Windows XP the most on my home as well as office PC. I have also used Windows server 2000 to use Seibel software on my PC. But when compared to Windows 2000 windows XP has very good user friendly options. So , I like Windows XP most.


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    Hi friends,
    I am a student and I didn't have to do much on my laptop. I prefer to have my laptop a very attractive operating system to be installed in it. And till date now Windows 7 is best for this purpose.

    Windows 7 has lots of features that we do not find in other operating system. It has the latest versions of in-built softwares.

    The most prime thing in this selection of o.s is due to the wonderful and best look any o.s has in windows 7.

    We can say it is the combination of vista and xp.

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    I like Windows XP because it is easy to use. I am using Windows XP in my home as well as in my office. This has user friendly options.


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    I like windowsXP the most ....

    I used to work both at home and office on Windows XP

    It is user freiendly and easy to maintain

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    Well, I always try to use Windows XP Operating System which gives more freedom due to its maneuverability which doing our work. I strongly advocate for Windows XP Operating System. But please do not think that I have used no other Operating System. I am used to various versions of Linux, Windows Vista and Mac OS to certain extent. Still I find Windows XP is the best among them.

    May be a Tech Guy like you, may prefer some other Operating System based on your interests.

    By the way, where is your response to this thread? I am looking forward to your response by subscribing to this thread. My best Wishes.

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    I am using winxp because my education system is fully based on that ..

    but i love Mac..


    I am not owner of the above content, It stolen from someone ..

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    I like Macintosh computers much, and I like their latest OS Mac OS Leapord, I am using mac's start from the begining when the LC475 launched in India, I used in one of the firm where i was working in the early days of my career and now i like mac os leapord.

    I even love Windows operating systems, like Windows Xp, Windows Vista and Windows 7 the latest one.

    But Windows OS depends upon the users, Some old DTP operators love Windows 98 now also becuase of their old supporting softwares like shreelipi, photoshop 7, ms office 97 etc. becuase these softwares only work better or Windows 98, the older version of Shreelipi works on windows 98 and ms office 97, well by switching off the spell check tools etc.

    And the MS Office 2000 users prefer to use MS office 2000 windows XP only.

    Most of the new users like to use the latest versions becuase they need to learn the OS and Supporting software and if they start with the latest versions that will be better for them.

    Thanks & Regards
    Siaar Ceo Siaar Group

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    Hello friends,

    I told webmaster to put windows XP in section. Windows XP is very popular among all. Its easy to use as we are using it from so many years.

    I definitely with windows xp if any other os comes to existence.

    Best of luck

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