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    Hyperlink rules

    Links to various pages within this site or external pages are important part of any post. By following some simple guidelines, you can make your links very effective.

    Link Guidelines

    Internal Links:
    1. Links to pages within this site should not include the site name.

    <a href="">Visit our forums<>

    <a href="/forums/">Visit our forums<>

    External Links:

    1. Links to external sites should include full url including site name.

    2. Links to external sites should include the following attributes:


    3. Never provide links to bad sites, fake sites etc. That will affect the reputation of our site.

    4. Do not provide direct links to downloadable file in any site. Instead, give link to the page which contain the download link.


    In any posts in MWC, do not link to images in other sites using the <IMG SRC="xxxxx">. Instead, the images should be attached to the resources in Most of our sections allow attaching images to the posts.

    It may be a violation of law to link to directly images hosted on other sites.

    Some sites like photbucket, Flicker etc may allow linking to the images hosted in their sites, but we still do not want to link to those site. What will happen if those sites go out of business after 5 years or if they start charging money for using images hosted in their site? We do not want our resources to look ugly with missing images in future.
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    Dear Mr.Tony,

    Thank you for your very important guidelines to be followed while using HTML Tags. I was unknowningly using our own websites name in link while providing the same in the Forum and other places inside this website. Any how now I can change and follow these instructions meticulously in future. I hope other members will also join in this campaign in using HTML Tags meticulously. Thank you for your timely instructions.

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    Hi Tony sir,
    Thanks for giving the information about this. sure all member's will follow this.
    With regards,


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    Dear Tony,

    Thanks for providing the information here. It will help the members to link external sites properly and also to link different sections of this site.

    Also thanks for posting guidelines on how to link an image to a resource properly. Hope it will help all the members for doing the things correctly.

    Abhisek Panda
    Be Happy and Make Others also Happy
    Go Green and Save [Y]our Future.

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    Dear Tony,

    Its a very useful tips for this website. At least the user should know that who is link should post in forum section. And if the link is of any other website then how to post the link. And for the image; the image should attach with the thread or with an article.

    Really a useful tip for this website.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Hi Tony sir,

    Timely guidance for hyperlink input method, I was also one of them who used to follow as above-mentioned first example for all (Internal and External links).

    Hafeezur Rahman
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    Tony Sir,

    This guidance is the need of the hour, this guidance will not only help here but also in other sites.

    Thanks for the helpful information.

    N K Ravishankara

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    Great tips Tony. I am sure, this will help members not only here in MWC, but also in other Spider sites and also in their day to day life.


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    Thank you for telling about the guidelines on how to use hyperlinks. I was not knowing the first internal hyperlink rule. Thank you for telling.

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    Hello Tony,

    That is the information that should be come earlier.

    However it is always better to present the information when it is required more. Thanks for sharing the knowledge with us. We as member really are not aware of so much rules and styles.

    I was thinking for including a link (for all members in their profile section) that sends them to the page containing links to various articles discussing about rules, way to post resource and much more. And I think that page should be updated as soon as some new related information is published. Again it is also suggestive.


    Vikram Singh Saini


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